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located in Melbourne Florida can be cooled to 76 degrees for less than a month in the hot Florida summer months. With ICF construction, homeowners can design a concrete home to look just like a wood-frame house, but they garner many other added benefits by choosing to build with concrete. custom built kits, design work and floor plans all kits come color coded and easy to assemble. The first floor has Master bedroom of 209 sq. To view the home’s annual charts and 2013 electric bills, click on 34 ft Dome AC Costs . The Nelkins bought theirs from a Florida company and brought in expert A 34′ Ai dome home of 1,200 sq. Amvic™ Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are a stay in place, 5-in-1 concrete forming system incorporating structure, insulation, an air/vapor barrier and a finish attachment. In a concrete mixer, add the determined amount of water and then the concrete mix. The home is listed for 9,900 and features three bedrooms and two bathrooms, spread over 1,765 square feet. Disney World sees over 17 million visitors pass through its gates every year. Energy bills are unbelievable. a 50 PSF total load. About homes florida dome Concrete . The “Dome Homes,” a series of domed concrete houses, This interesting structure is made out of concrete which has helped it aerial view of the abandoned dome house on cape romano in southwest florida. This company sells components for dome homes, and various levels of kits to build dome homes. Posted on By Florida Pre-Fab, Inc. Monolithic Dome Home Plans - AyanaHouse from 3. Photo by Mark Cohen, 1970s. But the shape of these dome homes had a fatal flaw that ultimately led to their decline in popularity […]Building The Dome. 357 likes · 4 talking about this. Custom Homes built for the Florida Lifestyle ranging in price from the low 100's to the mid 300's. S. Find 71 listings related to Concrete Dome Homes in Tampa on YP. News and World New Panel Homes is Southwest Florida’s premier manufacturer of pre-engineered, energy-efficient panel homes. It is full of diverse cities, so where you want rent a home will vary depending on your needs. Concrete domes are constructed following a method that requires a tough, inflatable Airform, steel-reinforced concrete and a polyurethane foam insulation. The only noncombustible structural cementitious panel manufactured in the United states. Users that searched for concrete dome homes. Concrete Type Foundations. We believe everyone deserves to live, work, and learn in healthy, quality buildings. (866) 782-6600. The stucco is also made out of Portland cement, which, when integral color is added, (a Mangum Design-Build standard feature) does not require painting. (Or you or your contractor can be assisted by a construction specialist if needed). Our company was built on industry leading innovation and our methods continue to push the boundaries of dome construction. Windows, skylights, and doors strategically positioned will connect with the environment and scenery. Geodesic Dome Tent - 29. This 3 bed/ 3 bath home has updated kitchen with thick granite countertops, generous cabinetry, and chef’s stove. The pieces are triangular Styrofoam panels that are connected with steel mesh and concrete. Model Homes in Florida. DublDom. CNN affiliate KARE has Jan 03, 2020 · It will never need painting, and it will last 500 years, if not more. Geodesic Dome Homes - Glass and metal Geodesic dome homes - Sustainable Modern Dome Homes - Luxury passive earth sheltered geodesic dome house - Futuristic Dome Homes - The Dome House of the Future. Ft. Mar 27, 2018 · Showers, toilets, bathtubs, refrigerators, dishwasher and different appliances will also be drawn into place. Apr 19, 2020 · The GO Home base price, ranging from 5,000 for 600 square feet to 9,000 for 2,300 square feet, covers the complete construction of your home (excluding design and site costs), from their slab-on-grade foundation through all finishes. (200 miles/hour) with one meter of wet snow on roof laid with 15 cm of turf (most heavy material). Located at 715 Shantill Way, just outside of Orlando, the 1,197-dome was built in 2000, and comes with Dome home design has started rolling into mainstream America. 2 billion design-build T-REX megaproject in Denver, Colorado, reconstructing 17 miles of interstate and 19 miles of double-track light rail. Resort hotel type projects, campgrounds, Airbnb projects, rental units, etc. A half-domed third bedroom has a window wall that shares the same views. Geodesic dome homes, Dome home, Dome house. It ran on solar power and collected rainwater that was cleaned and then used in the plumbing and appliances throughout the home. The modular framework of Polarwall makes it easy for earth sheltered home builders to incorporate concrete and steel reinforcement. We specialize in modern, affordable homes ranging from 800 sq. Weathertight. Mar 21, 2008 · About 3 ½ years ago, they decided to incorporate Matrix Concrete Construction to go aboveground, building concrete homes in Florida. 41-10 Master Plan Survey . dome homes florida. If your home is around 2,000 square feet, you’re looking to spend anywhere between 0,000 and 0,000 for concrete. You can reach us on phone number (321) 639-8777, fax number or email address . Like A House Of Cards Cheap Modular Homes Flop In Sweden Modern. Tiny Home Shipping in Florida. 00. For those re-building after a hurricane, concrete homes are a practical option. The Precast Show is an annual celebration of the precast concrete industry, and with six associations represented — NPCA, PCI, NCMA, ICPI, CSI and CPCI — it truly unites the precast industry in one place. The wall is anchored from the bottom of the wall at the slab to the top of the wall. District of Columbia - 0. About. ft. Its U. Domes do sell. Size: 2,075 square feet (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) Cost: 0,000 to 5,000 (turnkey range) Stormproof cred: None of the over 5,000 homes built in the company's 48-year history have been lost to or majorly damaged by hurricanes or high winds—Deltec homes have been tested against Hurricanes Hurricane Proof Concrete House . 2 hours ago Concrete is also great for regulating temperatures and can help families mitigate the costs of heating or cooling their homes by keeping the desired temperatures in and the undesired temperatures out. When it was first built, it was on the land, but today it sits around 300 offshore. Louis, Miss. 1. Located in Titusville, DOME-Homes. ”. Prije 2 godina. Pictures of our dome building projects show a variety of domes storing bulk product such as cement, clinker, fly ash, urea, pot ash, nitrates, sulfates Some of our reinforced concrete domes have been built as community safe rooms, engineered to "near absolute protection," capable of withstandingThere are currently 162,087 homes for sale in Florida. One important thing to consider when buying a tiny house in Florida is the cost of transporting it to your building site. Eco Dome. This house is very strange, the design space age, resembles an "igloo". SCIP stands for Structural Concrete Insulated panels. some homeowners assume that a concrete home will cost considerably more than comparable brick construction. From eco dome home rentals in South America to luxury bubbles in France, glamping domes and luxury glamping pods have it all with these amazing Oct 02, 2017 · Monolithic home builders out of Texas has designed a simple dome shaped house fortified with basalt that can withstand up to 400km winds which should protect them from another Yolanda. Our modern home designs can be customized to meet your needs. A concrete masonry home is about as maintenance free as you can achieve with conventional materials. de 2009 Monolithic dome structures are made from a single piece of concrete which is sprayed over a reinforced inflated dome structure. Ranging in price from the low ,000’s to 0,000, tiny home models offer a wide range of prices along with multiple floor plans to choose from. and kitchen of 152 sq. 2440 Riverlane Ter, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Any home should be inspected before you purchase. Learn more about us, our process, and the amazing, beautiful rammed earth projects we've completed. The new USm investment in its Tampa mega-terminal Aug 01, 2017 · A 12 x 24 screen room you could expect to fall in the price of about ,000 including permit and engineering, but excluding concrete and foundation work which may add several thousand dollars to the price. Jan 04, 2022 · Winter Park Library and Events Center is a culture hub in Florida that was designed by Adjaye Associates. We are currently building in the vicinity of Tampa Bay, Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Hernando County, Manatee County, Polk County, and Surrounding areas (within about an hr from Tampa). However, for Sustainable Domes as opposed to Traditional HomesDome — For other uses, see Dome (disambiguation). In tandem with our Bio-ceramic shell this makes our Zomes always a few degrees warmer or cooler in the right A 34′ Ai dome home of 1,200 sq. Safe room business for sale or partnership to begin production of life saving tornado proof Built in Florida in 1981 on Ten Thousand Island which is south of Marco Island, and only accessible via water, the ultra-modern Dome House is a complex of stilted concrete igloos slowly being CONCRETE DOME HOMES Concrete dome homes are a great choice for building owners looking for a safe, long lasting, energy efficient building, at a cost that is competitive, and often less than conventional construction. Produced by: PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes. ICF can stand up against winds over 200 miles per hour, and the additional insulation means the concrete cures even stronger than standard concrete forms. AA Concrete Solutions offers residential and commercial concrete solutions for all projects, regardless of size. Dome’s unwavering expectation of team respect, support, and encouragement results in a culture where the individual can thrive. The domes weren't built by 27 de ago. Plus, the roof won't blow off. de 2019 the ultra-modern Dome House is a complex of stilted concrete Even the tumultuous Florida weather was taken into account and the The EconOdome building is also clad on the exterior with composite cement sheeting. Dozens of large Concrete dome houses and shopping malls were built successfully in Australia in the 1970's from airforms that were inflated from horizontal while the concrete was wet. Â. Click the image for larger image size and more details. Phone: +1 989 777 2050 FAX: +1 989 777 3477 Email: [email protected] Try a single issue or save on a subscription. Nov 04, 2019 · The iconic Cape Romano dome home near Marco Island has enticed tourists for decades. Concrete underground homes are one of the most proven ways to provide yourself and your family with a sustainable home that uses less energy from the electric grid. Home - 3D Concrete Homes. de 1991 He has constructed more than 26 domes in Florida, including structures American Ingenuity features concrete with steel mesh over foam. They are fairly common and can be found in 49 states and 53 countries around the world. Tel: 305-625-9436. Especially if you make that flat roof usable with the addition of a roof top deck. Concrete dome homes - A concrete monolithic dome home can be everything you need and want in a Monolithic dome home plans are a home dome plan monolithic with simple decorations and Most folks just don't associate Florida with tornadoes. It takes comparatively more time to build as it requires pouring in concrete, curing and laying out reinforcement cables. Concrete domes are constructed following a method that requires a tough, inflatable Airform, steel-reinforced Recently, a number of monolithic domes constructed using MDI techniques have survived major disasters: Several monolithic domes in Florida survived direct …Search for modular homes, manufactured homes and mobile home foreclosures. He also did the design development and working drawings for the largest, high-end dome home, forty thousand square feet on four floors, part of a five dome complex. Find 80 listings related to Concrete Dome Homes in Mid Florida on YP. Custom wood cabinets. I have lived in South Florida for 30 years, and love sharing my expertise and enthusiasm with anyone looking to make the move here either as a snow bird, or a full time resident. Green Magic Homes provides the Structural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Component and the fastening systems and adhesives that make up the units. Contact us. Serving all of the USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East, MIFAB can provide you with the quality, engineered plumbing and drainage solutions you need. "He's not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and has never been to Little St. Jan 01, 2014 · "Dome buildings made of concrete can deflect falling buildings and flying debris, even airborne trees and cars. On the market for . Hopo Zoning: r8247367362. Schedule Appointment. panels weigh about 40lbs. O. With our innovative approach, focus on Swim, exercise, entertain, or just relax in your own COVERS in Play retractable Pool Enclosure for year round enjoyment. The precast concrete arch system is plant-produced per ASTM C1504 at facilities approved by either the National Precast Concrete Association or the American Concrete Pipe Association. Dome Houses of Japan: Made of Earthquake-Resistant Styrofoam - Blog. Browse our large selection of house plans to find your dream home. Domtec is a concrete dome construction company that doesn’t live on the edge of engineering theory. Even in winter. Florida House Plans. Monolithic dome homes cost calculator near new mexico. Property website: External link. ft. Contingent. Dome Homes Inherently Strong and Disaster Resistant. You won't be afraid of the big, bad wolf or any weather challenges in one of our concrete house plans. 73 Private River Front Home & Land with Pilot Mountain view short drive to Pilot TORNADO REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE If your Tornado Safe home, built from an Enertia supplied EF-Rated kit and completed to the specifications of the Enertia drawn blueprint, is destroyed, or racked by more then 5 degrees, by a storm equal to, or lesser than, the EF Number of your original kit, as certified by a NOAA storm evaluator, we will supply a replacement kit. Paperback. Doing as much construction as possible offsite saves you time and money. Sean Airhart. It could be the one rock that is used in more ways than any other. long, and the material is a mix of 20% to 30% clay, sand, and 5% to 10% cement. We use a similar real estate saying - "Location, location - and then selling The Flintstones meet futurism at this hurricane-resistant dome home on Sullivan Island, near the US city of Charleston. A Guide to Dome Homes - Pros, Cons, Costs & More. GIPHY is your top source for the best & newest GIFs & Animated Stickers online. Primary Menu. A 34′ Ai dome home of 1,200 sq. May 30, 2019 · Visually, monolithic dome homes have a tendency to look somewhat monotonous from the outside. The domes are on a concrete slab and are situated 20 feet apart. Introducing the next generation of housing – beautiful, affordable, modern green homes delivered to your site. Ai, makers of 10 geodesic dome kits for owner builders or contractors who want to build a Tornado, Hurricane resistant dome home, concrete retirement home, concrete vacation home orConcrete built houses. Another solution which is gaining popularity is Spray PolyurethaneConcrete and foam-plastic domes generally start with a steel framework dome, wrapped with chicken wire and wire screen for reinforcement. The Ai dome is ideal for a commercial business because the dome makes your business very cool and memorable. "But it is designed with that idea in mind. There are 2 areas that have been fenced off with 7 foot deer Imagine the possibilities: You could work from home, rent out the buildings you are not using, make one an AirBnB, or enjoy it for yourself. A unique Minnesota house built in 1977 by two doctors is up for sale and is listed under million. Ryon Tiny Home cabin - city side, rustic retreat. com When a concrete dome fails it's total as seen in Baton Rouge La when a fully cured monolithic sprayed concrete over foam, dome owned by Nucor Steel collapsed. The 8’ Explora-Dome I and the 11’ 6” ExploraDome II are molded and easily duplicated, thus reducing the cost to an affordable level. DOME HOMES OF FLORIDA - 35 Years Building Geodesic Dome Homes We design disaster resistant, energy efficient homes. In 2004, four major hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, decimated our state for more than 45 days. They definitely require an expert to build as the concrete needs applied in layers and will have to be made perfectly round to be effective. To view the home's annual charts and 2013 electric bills, click on 34 ft Dome AC Costs . With a large variety of house plans with concrete or concrete block walls, we are sure that you will find the perfect home to fit your needs and and safety for your family. This gorgeous, streamlined home on Sullivan's Island, SC, isn't just a delight to the eyes-residents can rest easy knowing that it Monolithic concrete bunker Florida Domes and homes for sale. The big issue with these is 22 de jun. CONCRETE DOME HOMES. And they were trendy in California for a while, for seismic reasons. Just as importantly, each prefab design is still, in the company’s eyes, a custom design: a chance to A 34′ Ai dome home of 1,200 sq. new construction, concrete stamping, new home slab, new home building, new home driveway, sidewalks, decorative concrete, yard curbing, removing concrete Custom Construction Solutions has been serving the concrete and grading needs of the Central Florida area for over 10 years. Box 79, Cabin John, Md. They are good at transforming recycled 8 by 20-foot shipping containers into tiny homes for human habitations. de 2021 While relatively rare, it seems a surprising number of Florida dome homes have been popping up on the market over the last couple months, The Cape Romano Dome House is an abandoned house consisting of six dome-shaped modules on stilts, located approximately 300 feet offshore from Cape Romano Dome Homes of Florida has been designing, building, and manufacturing geodesic dome homes for 35 years. See homes in this district9Grades K-5397 students, 25 students/teacherWashington Elementary. Savings from Dome Buildings. (208) 754-4422. Works with setting concrete. Hoophouse vs Geodesic Dome cost comparison, I use materials bought at Home Depo in the USA and Canada and show the cost Natural Spaces Domes has been building geodesic dome homes for 45 years. The gas-fired version of the Casa home pizza oven provides a pizza baking experience that accurately replicates a true wood fire. The concrete dome is ideal for a retirement home, vacation home, cabin, get-a-way or primary home or business building and for areas prone to forest fires or heavy snow load. Decorative Concrete Edging. 26 de dez. 25 per square added to a basic concrete mix. In fact, the cool, wet conditions on Clingmans Dome's summit make the spruce-fir forest that grows there a coniferous rainforest. DMI Home Builders has been building quality homes since 1977 and has the experience necessary to make your Florida dream home a reality. A wide variety of prefab fiberglass dome house options are available to you, such as project solution capability, design style, and warranty. Then we placed a concrete dome on the crater to maintain and stabilize radioactive materials. All material and devices are certified from state and With Domegaia, Gibran has been able to do exactly that. Depending on your climate, let concrete set up for 24 - 48 hours. A former proponent of dome homes, Lloyd Kahn, who wrote two books about them (Domebook 1 and Domebook 2) and founded Shelter PublicationsSome concrete domes have been constructed from prefabricated, prestressed, steel-reinforced concrete panels that can be bolted into place. Rogers is known around the United Kingdom for his very functional, semi-modernist design flair. Before building a log cabin please compare the advantages of a Ai dome vs log home. Our office is located on 8777 Holiday Dome Homes. Your Monolithic Dome home can be everything you need and everything you want in the home of your dreams. It’s a feeling. Prices start from 150 $/sf Florida turn-key for the ECO versions + site costs and soft costs (delivery, crane services, design, engineering and permitting and foundation works are calculated separately and vary by location). Our Capistrano high barrel profile is beautiful and timeless, emulating the authentic look of Spanish tile found in the Old World. The single family residence, also known as the single family home or the single family detached, is a stand-alone household unit with its own surrounding plot of land. 38624 both 0 bullet 0 4000 1 0 horizontal https://www. Custom Concrete Homes offers a new technology of construction that gives homeowners a sense of safety and peace of mind by providing full service packages for basements and foundation construction designed to withstand all elements of weather while adding many other benefits from lower insurance, lower power bills, hurricane resistant, termite Costs of Tiny Homes in Florida. Cascade Factory Homes, Inc. Browse BLUE DOME , Florida Homes for sale by owner and real estate listings, or sell your home with a low cost flat fee on ByOwner. de 2018 The fact that monolithic dome homes are strong enough to survive earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and more is reason enough for many . Shotcrete spraying monolithic concrete Dome Home selling domes North Port, Florida. 3 concrete domes all fenced and cross fenced. Home. • Getting to Cape Romano: It is located south of Marco Island and only accessible via boat or kayak. They spread the weight of your building evenly across the soil to prevent cracks and movement of the building. CalPortland is a major diversified building materials and construction solutions provider to the Western United States and Canada since 1891. A feeling of warmth on a cold winter’s night. ". If you want a shelter outside or on your patio we can offer a Zinc coating prior to powder coating and construct a concrete slab anchoring system. The owners tell Robert Behre "We are not going to say in our marketing that this is a hurricane-proof house," Tom Paul said. “If you can build a home out of concrete and do it right – pay attention to the details – precast is the perfect material. Cape Romano is a cape on the Gulf Coast of Flori He did the design development and working drawings for Dome of a Home in Pensacola Beach, Florida, which survived hurricane Ivan and was the subject of a TV special. com. Please note, EverLog Systems is a material supply company and our products can be applied to any design. is a nationally recognized designer and builder with over 35+ years of experience in dome construction throughout the United States. 5. High Barrel roof tiles, otherwise known as S-Tiles, are semi-cylindrical shaped and the most traditionally recognized of all tile profiles. ” Precast: A natural for tiny homes Nov 07, 2019 · Moreover, a flat roof is a poor choice for a location with harsh winter and much snow. Fuller hoped that the geodesic dome would help address the postwar housing crisis. If you build with wood, even treated wood, you have to worry aboutIf your dome home was built in the seventies, chances are very good this is the second time the roof has needed a makeover. But there are exceptions to this - check out this unique dome home in Pensacola Beach, FL or this quirky dome home in Canterbury, NH - and the interior can be furnished and customized in a virtually limitless number of ways. I actually went inside of it with some of the men. 05. Individual Topsider houses and resort projects featuring pedestal homes and piling (stilt) homes are scattered throughout the Upper and Lower Keys. DRD Enterprises inc of 29 de abr. Geodesic Dome Tent - 26 ft (8 m) Regular price ,890. bp. Solar Electric, Green built/materials, Bordered How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses: Ever wonder how to build a simple home for very little money, without going into debt? The key is to use low-cost, locally available natural materials such earth, small diameter wood and straw to keep expenses to a minimum. Straw may also be added. 2 or 3 story with balcony on a lake. Custom solutions for your specific needs. GoodKarmaDomes - Manufacturer and Builder Dome Homes GoodKarmaDomes - Manufacturer and Builder Dome Located in beautiful Southwest Florida, the Gulf Stone Construction team has been serving Florida buyers from Orlando to Naples since 2002. Image Copyright: Roger Wade Studio. At natural spaces domes, we have been designing, manufacturing, and building dome homes since 1971. de 2021 It's become a tourist destination, a fishing hotspot and an iconic part of the Southwest Florida landscape. - 3D Concrete Homes. It was constructed in 1981 and purchased in 2005 by the John Tosto family who tried for years to renovate it for a family retreat. m. Stone table and stools from Nickey Kehoe; other seating is vintage. Peter s CONCRETE — Concrete is a compound made from sand, gravel, and cement, while cement is a mixture of minerals that become hard when water isFlorida Mid-Century Modern Domes (page 1). Home » Company » Articles & News » Descriptions of different models: Water tanks. Dome-shaped houses tend to look either really good or really bad. One may search a lifetime and not find a house as peculiar as the Cape Romano Dome House. Case in point from another industry: In the 1930s an engineering study was commissioned for a 1. com) Hurricanes would have a hard time doing too much damage to concrete domes, 20 de fev. For a 6-meter dome, you need: 50 bags of cement, 2500’ roll A 34′ Ai dome home of 1,200 sq. Modern Concrete Prefab Home Kits is one images from Prefab Concrete Homes of bestofhouse. Vimco Concrete Accessories King of Prussia, PA 610-768-0500 and Savage, MD 240-786-4450 A 34′ Ai dome home of 1,200 sq. degree in architectural design, designed houses for two decades, and have dreamed of building a dome house since I read Roger Dean's book when I was 13 (I'm now 39). Dome Construction has become a company with a great culture which naturally made us a company that turns out great projects, where employees are engaged and invested. A Sebring, Florida based home builder Built For The Florida Lifestyle (863) 402-0555 2 Light Semi-Flush Dome Chandelier. Futuristic homes, scuba, creatures, 1999 Riviera 139. Sigler says. Off Grid Foam Dome Florida Monolithic Dome HomesI have my A. Until then, its foundation provides a home for marine life; and its weathered and graffitied domes, a perch for birds to sun themselves. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease Zomes have only two-thirds of the surface area compared to a traditional ‘box’ home. The rounded shape of the dome presents less wind surface loading, making the home Average Cost To Build A House. Patios, verandas About. A Trees. 67 acres. During the crowdfunding campaign we will be comparing this method to earthbag construction to determine if it is preferable. 2009: 2020: This concrete dome was probably built in the 1960s. “That house will probably be around 200 years from now,” Pedersen said. "The custom foundation walls we get from Advanced Concrete Systems are the only walls that fit with our philosophy of starting from under the basement all the way up through the roof to create total comfort in But concrete block homes have a long-standing reputation as a better home in a hurricane, even if it is no longer accurate. It is a spacious and energy efficient "tiny" home that includes a rocket mass heater and a passive cooling system called a wind Features. From quality construction and materials to superior customer service Lehigh Hanson Has Been Supplying Building Materials Since 1897. But the shape of these dome homes had a fatal flaw that ultimately led to their decline in popularity across America. All materials are pre cut and ready for assembly. Design-build manufacturer of interlocking, large, concrete blocks for gravity retaining walls, security walls, railroad, flood control and containment bins. Their sizes vary from small bungalows to 120 feet in The process begins from the ground level, using inflatable concrete. Find plans and pricing for new Homes built in Florida by Heritage Homes -- quality, affordable home builders. A monolithic concrete dome is an insulated, thin shell concrete structure that is extremely strong and fire safe. Weather extremes, such as excessive heat or cold, are well guarded against by the concrete structure, making the internal temperature much more easily controlled. The SuperAdobe building system invented at CalEarth is used around the world to build safe and sustainable homes. The sandbags are filled on-site and arranged in layers or as compressed coils. They sell just like conventional box houses. That’s a well documented fact you can look up elsewhere online or discuss with your realtor. Coordinates: 25°50′43″N 81°40′52″W The Dome House in 2016 The Cape Romano Dome House is an abandoned house consisting of six dome-shaped modules on stilts, located approximately 300 feet offshore from Cape Romano Island (as of 2019), south of Marco Island, in the Ten Thousand Islands of Collier County, Florida. I built this project in about one week, but I only worked a few hours a day

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