How to mail suboxone to jail

Port St. 2562 she was sending suboxone to her son in the Deschutes County Jail, Several of the mail items were addressed to inmate Phillip M. The Stearns County Jail, a medium/maximum security jail, is licensed by the State of Minnesota to house inmates for up to one year after final disposition. If you prefer to send a lead by mail or fax, make sure you give as much relevant information as you can to allow the CRA to review the file to determine if tax or benefit cheating occurred. Prison mail is one way the thin clear drug strip can be trafficked, in sealed envelopes and even behind stamps. ค. Suboxone, brand name of the drug buprenorphine, is used to help treat opioid dependence Based on this investigation, it was determined that Johnson and Mata worked in conjunction in their attempt to mail Suboxone into the Todd Road Jail. We just found out this past summer by a lawyer! She spent 2 months in jail for stealing. If I were the warden of a jail And I was court ordered to provide Suboxone to opioid addicted inmates. " Mar 30, 2011 · A paste containing Suboxone, which is a drug used to ease withdrawal for addicts coming off opiates, was used to color pages with pictures of Snow White, Cinderella and other children's characters Dec 28, 2021 · Two people are facing charges of delivery of heroin after they allegedly threw contraband over the fence to inmates at the Olympic Corrections Center in Forks. Jan 21, 2022 · Prisoner found dead in Philipsburg jail cell. BitLife All Jail/Prison Layout Guide: Here's a detailed guide on how to escape from prison and get Houdini & Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife. Mail that requires "special handling" is Apr 19, 2015 · Suboxone is an opioid used for the treatment of heroin and prescription opioid addiction. The inmates then tear the paper up and swallow the pieces. LSD. 2564 Using mail to get drugs into the jail is nothing new. 2559 Suboxone strips, smuggled into a New York City jail by an investigator, are now showing up in letters or papers mailed to inmates and in 22 พ. It's What We Do. As long as you send your cancellation notice to your service provider before the end of the cooling-off period, it doesn't matter when it's received. Suboxone is a powerful opiate-an anesthetic to emotional pain. Be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the U. Providing addiction treatment in prisons and jails is not simply a moral issue. There are two ways you may add money to an inmates account in person. Jun 07, 2017 · Smugglers take advantage of the drug’s size and ingestion method (sublingual). Suboxone has also presented problems at the New River Valley Regional Jail, where inmates are not allowed to receive drawings or any materials on nonwhite paper, Superintendent Gerald McPeak said. Both items are prohibited from being Main Phone: (559) 992-7100 Physical Address: 900 Quebec Avenue, Corcoran, CA 93212 (Directions) Suboxone has also presented problems at the New River Valley Regional Jail, where inmates are not allowed to receive drawings or any materials on nonwhite paper, Superintendent Gerald McPeak said. Inmate Handbook. Suboxone is a drug that contains buprenorphine, which helps quell patients' opioid cravings. Each year, the Commission reviews and refines these policies in light of congressional action, decisions from courts of appeals, sentencing-related research, and input from the criminal justice community. Many recovering addicts take it for months, or even years, after they stop getting high. The human and financial costs of mass incarceration are Web Jail Viewer provides public access to information related to inmates that have been booked into the Klamath County Sheriff's Office jail. As you will see in the following resume of services, we have the technical About Work Swallowed If Will Still Suboxone . Jan 19, 2022 · Search By. Detectives made contact with Mata on August 28th and took her into custody. We did not bail her out the 2 times nor show up at court. 104–294 inserted heading. Scarborough ON M1P 4Y3. Suboxone is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance. Evidence-Based. Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois, through the mail, to sell […]Maryland prison officials discovered 1,615 instances of Suboxone being smuggled via the mail last year, and said such attempts are on the rise — part of an ongoing and alarming epidemic of drug MARTINSBURG, W. Mar 05, 2021 · 3 Record all correspondence. New Jersey prison authorities arrest 5 after uncovering a drug smuggling operation wherein Suboxone was mailed to prisoners - dissolved and painted onto the pages of children's coloring books. Your loved one may only need the Suboxone for a few days or a week and then will taper down the dose to stop it altogether, or may remain on the medication for a longer period of time as a preventative measure. Suboxone programs throughout the country are run the same way. Florida prison officials' plan to replace prisoners' "routine" mail with digitized versions viewed on tablet computers or communal kiosks has sparked an outcry among inmates' families and Suboxone is not a drug, it is a medication. Jul 22, 2019 · Program Overview: REAL has evolved over the last 8 years from a fledgling e-mail referral service to a pre-booking jail diversion program in Lincoln, Nebraska with multiple community partners, strong credibility, and broad community support. These are just a few examples of the liquid hallucinogenic drugs that soak into paper envelopes and are mailed to jail and prison facilities. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Do not try to send drugs in the mail if you are unsure about any of the laws. Shawn Straughn. If you see someone who needs shelter, call (215) 232-1984. New York City's jail oversight board recently voted to similarly restrict visitation at the Rikers Island jail complex. You must: Be totally or partially unemployed through no fault of your own. Swanson said Suboxone, used McCausland said Leonard allegedly had girlfriend Brianna Ayers, 23, of Lewiston, mail Suboxone to the juvenile, who then mailed the letters to the jail. The ER doc informed him about how useful Suboxone can be by telling him how it works and that it is different than methadone and other full agonists. Isaac was released from jail in mid-March. She will not allow Suboxone as part of sentencing options. Deposit Services Information in PDF. The parcels contained the law firm's return address on the outside of the parcel. For example, a blocked customer will see the below message, when he try to access the server via SSH. He didn't care for the idea of switching one drug for another, but wanted to know the doc's thoughts on Suboxone use. Dec 12, 2020 · Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. May 05, 2021 · Drugs mailed to Jackson County jail inmate. S. Well, she got into drugs and for the past year plus has been doing heroin. She got out of jail in 3 wks ago. Like methadone, it is one of the medications that are often referred to as MAT — medication-assisted treatment. * The Nevada State Prison had a casino where inmates were allowed to gamble from 1932 to 1967. (513) 785-1000. 2564 Franklin County Jail staff are fed up and afraid for their lives and suboxone strips have been smuggled to inmates through the mail in 30 มิ. You will also need to know information such as the visiting hours, mailing address, commissary funds procedures, and access to a visitors application. It is in the same building as 711 N. and its subsidiary Reckitt Benckiser Group, conspired to prevent a lower-priced generic version of Suboxone from interfering with its significant pharmaceutical sales. PHILIPSBURG — A prisoner died Thursday night at the Granite County Detention Center. 12 พ. Minnesota Department of Corrections 1450 Energy Park Drive St. The investigation found Tilford's girlfriend, Stahlman, had obtained Suboxone and allegedly mailed it into the jail, using Beers as the recipient. May 30, 2017 · And states across the country are placing new limits on what kind of mail inmates can receive. Commissary: Money Orders must be mailed to the inmate through U. Information. The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Feb 23, 2016 · The heroin and opioid epidemic in America has raised questions about how to effectively treat addiction. Western Virginia Regional Jail has banned inmates from receiving personal photographs after jail officials intercepted pictures that had been soaked in Suboxone. Weekly Committee Notices. On Thursday, the Norfolk Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Ashley FLINT, Mich. A stash of Suboxone found in an accused smuggler's underpants during his visit to a southeast Queensland jail last week was worth as much as 0,000 inside, prison authorities revealed. Nov 04, 2021 · Holbrook said the jail has not yet seen paper or envelopes soaked in drugs. Sep 24, 2019 · The dealers were sneaking drug-infused paper to prison inmates across the country — disguising the narcotics as legal mail, funeral notices and even Harry Potter coloring books. But he has been incarcerated several times, and his sister worries that without reliable access to medication, if he is sent back to the jail again, he could become Jail Smugglers Paint Dissolved Drugs onto Coloring Books. Doug Clark, Interim Secretary. 29—WEST NEWBURY — After he was found lying facedown on the side of Main Street on Thanksgiving, a local man pleaded guilty to several drug charges on Tuesday and was sentenced to a year in jail. 2564 Suboxone is another drug that is smuggled into jail in the same way, he said. vested in the Delaware County Jail Oversight Committee by an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1866 (the act of April 11, 1866, P. But when the jail refused to give me my Suboxone, everything came crashing down. By Mail If you have 60 days or fewer in which to file a timely charge, the EEOC Public Portal will provide special directions for providing necessary information to the EEOC and how to file your charge quickly. May 28, 2013 · Inmate Visiting: VideoVisitation now Available Directly from your Android™ Smartphone or Tablet!. Granite County Sheriff Scott Dunkerson says the man was found We had her in therapy on and off for cutting and acting out. Suboxone can still produce a "buzz" that is generally not considered to be as powerful as the high created by full agonists (including methadone), but Operation Sunkist, an investigation into mail entering Sussex Correctional Institute, netted nine arrests for distribution of Suboxone, according to the Department of Corrections. Be available for full-time work. Dara Kam FDC has experienced multiple incidents of staff illnesses resulting from contact with fentanyl and suboxone, as well as inmate deaths and Jan 15, 2013 · An investigation by jail officials revealed that the Suboxone, in strip form, was concealed in envelopes mailed to Colson by one of her friends on the outside, Chelsey Marie Camerone. Suboxone is actually a productive, non habit forming drug used to help opioid addiction relapses. Incorporated in 1983 as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit, non-denominational organization, Exodus Prison Ministry is dedicated to the evangelization and discipleship of prisoners throughout the United States. I am not denying that some people need medications for pain and for benzodiazepines to get through life; however in a jail setting these medications have high street dollar value. Suffolk County 22 hours ago · A killer who stabbed a man to death for his £7K Rolex watch jumped onto jail netting to escape taking a Covid test. Features a quarterly newsletter - LostVault: Unlocked F-BOARDER-609. Service--we will provide rehabilitation and self-improvement opportunities for inmates. She wanted to mail me Suboxone, which I use and forgo. Officials at Brunswick County's jail say the more they crack down on heroin, the more Suboxone they see in the jail - the natural consequence of having more addicts behind bars. Chief Deputy Scott Hall of the sheriff’s office said the contraband was seized at the jail. Forty-four of the estimated 200 people 12 ส. Nov 01, 2021 · Suboxone can be used to treat opioid addiction. When used as directed, it relieves the symptoms of opioid withdrawal without getting you high. Warnings. What I would do is have an outside pharmacy deliver exactly the amount of Suboxone needed for one dose for each opioid addicted patient. Nov 18, 2021 · Corrections Presents at the Centennial Accord for the First Time Since 2009. Effective 9/3/21, in an effort to protect the safety and security of the individuals housed in and the staff members working in the Monroe County Jail, any photographs received through the inmate mail system will be photocopied. ) §§1308. JailTracker provides the ability to communicate effectively internally and externally. Partial names can be searched as well (e. 2 เม. Suboxone, a drug used to treat heroin addiction that itself can be abused and addictive, has been smuggled into prisons in other states on strips placed in mail. beds and 40 beds for Work Release. Fill in the form on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Suboxone is a sublingual medication (under tongue). Crime and Prisons. Feb 25, 2020 · Deputies say Bledsoe and Headley set up a scheme to have post cards with suboxone strips under the stamps mailed to another inmate by Headley using a fake name. HM Prison and Probation Service has announced that social visits will gradually be re-introduced in England and Wales from 29 March. You can register to vote using Pennsylvania’s accessible online form. Dec 12, 2021 · HACKENSACK — Local activists marked the one-year anniversary of a violent clash between police and protesters at the Bergen County Jail on Sunday with a much smaller, more peaceful gathering Suboxone has also presented problems at the New River Valley Regional Jail, where inmates are not allowed to receive drawings or any materials on nonwhite paper, Superintendent Gerald McPeak said. Electronic mail is sent through the apps (iphone, Google Play). 52. This website is AudioEye enabled and is being optimized for accessibility. 20, 2022. pst file from your profile. Up­date: An ear­li­er ver­sion of this ar­ti­cle misiden­ti­fied the jailed In­sys CEO. (937) 296-2563. This is Boulder County, Colorado. Drop-Off Items For Inmates. Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image!How Is Suboxone Administered? Only a doctor can write scripts for Suboxone. Drugs and other substances that are considered controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) are divided into five schedules. The drug, often known by the brand name Suboxone, is meant to control their heroin cravings and is commonly smuggled into jails and prisons. December 14, 2021. The inmates then tear Indiana's jail population has exploded by 60% since 2010, five times the state's growth rate. Your county elections office will review the application. Medications are required to stay in the original container provided by the pharmacy with a current label. The mission of the Richland County Sheriffs Office is to provide the highest quality of professional service to the communities we serve. , was sentenced today by U. 2 The bra - femSix charged with smuggling drugs into Maine jail After Suboxone strips were discovered in two letters, the Cumberland County Jail set a new rule in March that all inmate mail must arrive in . Jul 30, 2017 · Suboxone Suboxone users say that long term use of Suboxone causes dental decay. A strip sells for about , but in jail the price is about 0, according How to mail suboxone to jailInside, mail sent to all of the jail's more than 1,000 inmates is processed. If you have reason to believe any information contained here is inaccurate, please contact the facility. At BrightView, we combat the disease of alcohol addiction by administering medications such as Suboxone to help ease withdrawal symptoms. on Thursday, Jan. According to the FTC, Indivior Inc. 1 day ago · Eight people were charged for plotting to traffic drugs into the Suffolk County Correctional Facility in Riverhead through the mail and jail visitations, officials said. Even receiving the drugs can be considered illegal, but you probably won't get so much trouble as her. Our Mission. Those procedures include making both male and femaleThis Account has been suspended. Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Ohio and Wetzel. 2563 The most effective treatment for opioid addiction involves medications like methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone, according to the 1 มิ. APRIL 1989 If you market by direct mail, you'd probably love to: (1) identify who reads your material, and (2) drop the prospects who never Are you getting the most out of your direct-mail campaign? Follow this advice and post record returns on your efforts. 3 ก. Listed below is a list of some of the services the inmates are offered. "You can be how tough you want; it doesn'tJails improve on the concept of the traditional chroot environment in several ways. On Tuesday, a corporal screening incoming mail found a package containing suboxone that was addressed to an inmate at the jail. 1/15/2022 11:00:00 AM. 2nd. Mar 01, 2019 · Soaking paper in liquid Suboxone and mailing it to inmates is a common smuggling method. Many now say medication should be offered alongside counseling. The Department of Corrections is a part of the Vermont Agency of Human Services. The result is a safer and more secure prison environment, reducing drug use and risk of overdose. From visionary open space, land use and sustainability policies to forward-thinking and compassionate human services programs Jun 04, 2021 · The Salvation Army Mission Statement. We thank you for helping us reach those others have forgotten. Visitation Schedule in PDF. 1/22/2022 7:30:00 AM. The hallmark of our department is fair, impartial and compassionate enforcement of county ordinances and state laws. Piece by piece, it's placed by prison employees onto what looks like an overhead projector. Dec 16, 2021 · One member was a corrections officer in Middleton, Massachusetts, and is accused of attempting to smuggle fentanyl, cocaine and Suboxone into a correctional facility. ย. ERROR: FEATURE() should be before MAILER() MAILER('local') must How to Configure Fail2ban. The jail. If you need additional basic record information, contact Idaho Department of Correction Records Information. Joe, FL 32456 (850) 227-1115 (850) 639-5717 Fax: (850) 227-2097 Suboxone has also presented problems at the New River Valley Regional Jail, where inmates are not allowed to receive drawings or any materials on nonwhite paper, Superintendent Gerald McPeak said. Petersburg Republican who for years has pushed criminal-justice reforms, said corrections officials are considering the switch to digitized mail because they “can’t get a handle” on the amount of a particular type of drug, Suboxone, coming into prison facilities. Read More. Doctor. You can also file a charge by sending us a letter that includes the following information: Nov 25, 2021 · Controlled substances such as methadone and suboxone need the jail’s medical staff approval before being administered. Signing out of account, Standby Are you getting the most out of your direct-mail campaign? Follow this advice and post30 strips of buprenorphine. We're here to help 24 hours, 7 days a week including holidays! The Behavioral Health Call Center is the entry point for access to all Santa Clara County behavioral health services. The politicization of criminal justice policy and a lack of evidence-based assessment result in a one-way ratchet in which law and policy grow ever more punitive. Select the . Find information about crimes involving children including abductions, abuse, and neglect. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND USE THE NEW LEGAL MAIL PROCESS. Maps. 27, jail investigators intercepted an envelope to the jail addressed to Markos, containing 17 Suboxone strips and three tabs of LSD. Oct 27, 2021 · On the evidence found, the sheriff said there was “enough probable cause to search” the woman’s home, during which 18 grams of methamphetamine and additional mail containing “suboxone Jul 06, 2017 · Gabapentin Boosts High For Opioid Abusers. Blvd. There have been several changes to ICSO services due to COVID-19. Mail. County Maps. Jul 14, 2015 · Wausau Woman Sentenced For Mailing Suboxone To Jail Inmate. m. Federal workers would be eligible for paid leave for more reasons under this House bill. Suboxone: Rationale, Science, Misconceptions. drugabuse. A fugitive attempted murderer has taunted police by changing his Facebook profile picture to a gingerbread man and saying how 'good looking' his mugshot is. Or Text RENEW to 741741. 1. • A picture was photocopied and placed beneath the original picture with the contraband placed between 3 มี. Balcazar, 28, of The mail must be addressed to the manufacturer's registered agent or to the manufacturer directly. Holbrook said the jail has not yet seen paper or envelopes soaked in drugs. Mugshots do not indicate guilt. ICHI Antiquitesスノードームプルオーバー(カラー:ナチュラル)¥24200·(税込)今期のお品物です。購入したものの一度も着る機会もないので、出品します。. The envelope was addressed to an inmate and contained a typed return address label purporting to be from a local law office. Camerone, 21, was charged on October 17, 2012 with smuggling contraband, possession of methamphetamine and probation violations. Dec 16, 2021 · A mail carrier in Upstate New York was loaded into an SUV, according to court records, where kidnappers threatened to kill her, her children and her mother. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager page, and click on an account, a campaign, an ad set or an ad. 2561 say inmate Joseph Adcock Jr. They are simply a record of the charge made by law enforcement. local files. 2564 Suboxone, meth, fentanyl show up in the Santa Fe County jail and officials aren't changing their approach to the problem. In a statement, Sheriff Patrick McDermott said an inmate tried to smuggle 35 Suboxone strips into the jail. The jail should not use medication to control an inmate's behavior For example, medications like methadone or buprenorphine are used to treat opioid 15 เม. All funds sent through the mail must be addressed to a processing center in Des Moines, Iowa. L. Eagleville PA, 19403. 1 Continuity of care is a priority for government. Jul 31, 2020 · A Roanoke Rapids man and an inmate at the Halifax County Detention Center were charged Thursday with a plot to mail the opioid suboxone to the inmate. Jan 28, 2015 · Judge Karen Thomas, who handles felony drug court in Campbell County, said that her opiate-addict defendants haven’t failed treatment just once or twice, they may have failed treatment upwards of 10 to 15 times—and relapses often mean jail time. Main St Toledo, Iowa 52342-0034 Administration/Civil 641-484-4111 The FBI reminds the public there is a potential for fraud in the aftermath of the wildfires in Northern California. Thanks for your feedback! Suboxone has also presented problems at the New River Valley Regional Jail, where inmates are not allowed to receive drawings or any materials on nonwhite paper, Superintendent Gerald McPeak said. Pub. Information provided is configured by the jail, and may include person descriptive information related to the inmate, mugshot images, and the offenses by which the inmate has been charged by the arresting agency. Officials say an investigation led to the arrests of (suboxone) found within mail. Delaware County Prison Phone Directory. But sometimes it’s tough to detect, especially when it comes to drugs like fentanyl and suboxone. The amount of drugs seized in the first six months of this year represents tens of thousands of potential doses, according to prison officials. Howe said that the staff in the facilities in Reno are very careful when screening mail. 2563 denied to incarcerated people, feeding the crisis in prisons and jails. It’s served its purpose for me. Commission Office 256-357-4980: Sheriff's Office 256-357-4545: Probate Office 256-357-4933: Revenue Office 256-357-4343: Board of Registrars 256-357-2138: Highway Dept. you’ve been asked to get a test by a local council or someone from NHS Test and Trace. Mail parcels disguised to look like packages sent between inmates and their attorneys. Oct 20, 2021 · Prisons have long screened mail to prevent contraband from getting to inmates. by Zachariah Bryan; Friday, October 25, 2019 6:36am Feb 16, 2016 · MIDDLETON — Two men have been charged in a scheme to smuggle the prescription drug Suboxone, an opioid-based medication used to treat addiction, into the Middleton Jail. It has a capacity of 224 beds: 130 male beds, 40 female beds, 12 temporary beds, 2 padded detox. identity theft and possession of stolen mail, but lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union say the prison must Feb 09, 2018 · Prison inspectors intercepted 70 pieces of Suboxone and ,800 in cash discovered inside an envelope allegedly mailed by an attorney to a prisoner to avoid discovery, authorities say. identity theft and possession of stolen mail, but lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union say the prison must A stash of Suboxone found in an accused smuggler's underpants during his visit to a southeast Queensland jail last week was worth as much as 0,000 inside, prison authorities revealed. I started at 2 mg and gradually went up to 12 mg within a year. Any prescriptions for inmates cannot be taken out of their packaging. Experts believe that “medication-assisted treatment” with methadone, naltrexone, or suboxone and cognitive behavioral therapy is the best treatment for most patients who have an opioid addiction. Postal Service's rules. (b)(2) to (5). All of the changes are designed to keep drugs, especially opioids, out of prison. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current state of unrest in the U. In effect: 3:00 p. 1 (800) 488-9919. Suboxone doesn’t usually cause weight gain on its own. Washington County is the 7th largest county in Indiana at 514 square miles. FLINT, Mich. Dec 29, 2021 · The docket and roster files for the Salt Lake County Jail for the past 60 days Jan 27, 2021 · This article explains how jail diversion introduced in one Midwestern county changed its focus over time from persons with serious mental illness (PSMI) to persons with opioid use disorder (POUD). They make a show of trying to stop it by instituting more restrictive mail and visitation policies, but it is only for show, as they know over Sep 30, 2021 · Suboxone is a prescription medication used to treat opioid addiction. Public Access to Real Estate Taxes. As with the pills, it can be cut into eight doses, either used sublingually or mixed with water and snorted. I maintained on suboxone while he was in jail and started to put my life back together. R. A culture of punishment, combined with race- and class-based animus, has led the United States to rely on incarceration more heavily than any other country in the world does. Prisoners and their families and friends can still use postal mail, video calls (including virtual visits via Zoom bookings), phone and emails to stay in contact. (image/Pixabay) Suboxone has also presented problems at the New River Valley Regional Jail, where inmates are not allowed to receive drawings or any materials on nonwhite paper, Superintendent Gerald McPeak said. 25mg in the PM). FDC has experienced multiple incidents of staff illnesses resulting from contact with fentanyl and suboxone, as well as inmate Suboxone has also presented problems at the New River Valley Regional Jail, where inmates are not allowed to receive drawings or any materials on nonwhite paper, Superintendent Gerald McPeak said. gov/publications/principles-drug-addiction-treatment-research-based-guide-third-edition Definition of Controlled Substance Schedules. KETTERING JAIL. Coppinger said the ban applies only to personal mail, not legal 2 วันที่ผ่านมา Five jail visitors and three inmates allegedly conspired to smuggle drugs — including heroin, buprenorphine, K2 and more — into the facility 7 วันที่ผ่านมา Genesee County Jail is ending traditional mail deliveries for inmates and He said Suboxone, which is used to treat opioid addiction, A K-9 team at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men helped in the seizure of mail that contained 117 strips of suboxone,” Azzara said. About 40 percent of inmates have used heroin in the last year In the suboxone case, Jerousek and Cole began an investigation and monitored conversations between inmates, who were communicating with people outside to have the strips sent to the jail via A 38-year-old Northampton County Prison inmate convinced his girlfriend to mail him Suboxone, a drug that is prescribed to treat opioid addiction, the county department of corrections reports in Some smugglers, "have learned to make the mail itself into a drug" by coating the paper with "liquid fentanyl, Suboxone, K2 or other controlled substance (s)," the state Department of Public PORTLAND (WGME) -- The CBS 13 I-Team discovers the article of contraband seized most often by the Maine Department of Corrections is a drug used to treat opiate addiction. On Feb. Legislation also came into effect in November last year allowing prison staff to provide photocopies of mail to inmates instead of the originals

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