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Learn new and interesting things. Green chemistry for chemical synthesis addresses our future challenges in working with chemical processes and products by inventing novel reactions that can maximize the desired products and minimize by-products, designing new synthetic schemes and apparati that can simplify operations in chemical productions, and seeking greener solvents that are inherently environmentally and ecologically Green Chemistry or environmentally benign chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. Section 1. September 22, 2015. This theme is perfect for presentation on science, technology, chemistry, etc. Chemistry Education Medical Profession School Science Technology. topic 10: organic chemistry. The rest of the process, digitalizing your materials and uploading digitalGreat site to understand indepth knowledge of Biology. Feb 03, 2021 · Features of these PowerPoint presentation slides: These high quality, editable pre-designed Periodic Table Of Elements Chemistry Powerpoint Slides And Ppt Templates DB powerpoint slides and powerpoint templates have been carefully created by our professional team to help you impress your audience. The presentation was made with a high school chemistry course in mind, although it would also work for a physical science course. Planned Parenthood of Toronto. Examples include: substitution isolation or enclosure of a process, such as local exhaust ventilation, such as fume hoods; a glove box; general ventilation; and safety cans for flammable storage rather than glass bottles. Desktop Product: Analytical Studio-Process Chemistry™. All chemical reactions require activation energy to get started. UNIT II SURFACE CHEMISTRY AND CATALYSIS Adsorption: Types of adsorption - adsorption of gases on solids - adsorption of solute from solutions - adsorption isotherms. The Dihydro-β-agarofurans: Synthesis of the AB-Ring Core and Strategy/Method Development. By accepting some or all optional cookies you give consent to the processing of your personal data, including transfer to third parties, some in countries outside of the European Economic Area that doChemistry Chemistry was a sexually show that debuted like a part of its Max After Dark line up on Cinemax on August 19, 2011. Because thematerials in ppt level (measure, report and control) Component A Component B . The Scientific Method. Acetaldehyde – of commercial importance - oxidation to acetic acid - dehydration to acetic anhydride. It involves breaking and reforming chemical bonds. Find science articles and current events from PopSci. Jul 09, 2020 · Download these free Pharmaceutical PowerPoint Templates and Icons. A list of 180 Best Chemistry Projects Experiment and Powerpoint Presentation Topics for High School Science Students. contributed to the formation of kerogen (see Chapter 6). com - id: 42fda8-Y2FhZ• Try optimizing the chemistry by minimizing the impurities and by-products. D. Chemistry student is a Fiddler Innovation Undergraduate Fellowship recipient Chemistry undergraduate student Andrew Sunwoo Lee is one of 20 undergraduate and graduate students and faculty at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign who were recognized during the 2021 the National Center for Supercomputing Applications' 2021 Fiddler PowerPoint is a great tool for creating interactive software simulations, thanks to its hyperlinks, animations and triggers. Fumihiko ToriyamaPractical Process Chemistry. Nov 05, 2017 · Baran Group Meeting 11/05/2016. Term synthesis means in Greek "put together". Time Management PowerPoint Presentation Template. Chemistry End of Chapter Exercises. 1-1 Typical absorption process. . 3750 ppt < 32 ppt . This video is about: Iron as Catalyst in Haber's Process. These have electrons (e) around the outside, and a nucleus in the middle. Active participation and generous response were received from the Organizing Committee Members, scientists, researchers, as well as experts from Non-government organizations, and students from diverse groups who made this conference as one of the most successful and productive events in 2021 from The use of iron as catalyst in Haber's process to manufacture ammonia on industrial scale. Chemistry is the science that deals with materials, their properties and the transformations they 2. Synthetic chemistry is the "art" of building-up complex molecular structures of compounds putting together smaller, easily accessible compounds. 15-2 Thermodynamic Processes and theFirst Law Chemistry is defined as the systematic investigation of the properties, structure, and behavior of matter and the changes matter undergoes. According to such teachers, things like burning fuels are chemical processes and things like dissolving salt in water or freezing water into ice are physical processes. Solubility and the Solution Process The solid dissolves rapidly at first but as the solution approaches saturation the net rate of dissolution decreases since the process is in dynamic equilibrium. 1 Introduction 54 2. Pharmaceutics & Process Technology - PPT Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharmaceutical Engineering, Inorganic and organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical analysis. A Z X 22) Apply each of the three radioactive emissions discussed in this activity to the given nucleus (on the left). The Pharmacy College Aptitude Test (PCAT) provides a standardized method of assessing the applicant'sПеревод слова process, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования. The Leaching Process is a universal process – Water will leach the components of any material it comes in contact with A chemical reaction is a process that changes some chemical substances into others. Nov 02, 2017 · Free Science PowerPoint Template. Process Engineering Associates (PROCESS) was founded on the basis of providing chemical engineering services. 31 Halogen compounds. It was patented in the year 1831. Content Process Product according to students’ Readiness Interests Learning Profile Differentiation of Instruction “The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners,” by Carol Ann Tomlinson, 1999, p. basis. The Cell Membrane •Cells are surrounded by a lipid bilayer, which is a semi-permeable membrane. Average atomic mass. Nov 27, 2021 · The New Powerpoint template is a multipurpose option that can be used for any type of presentation: business, portfolio, corporate, branding, advertising, etc. PowerPoint Arrow is one of the most common shapes used in presentations. Select a template from the library or open a blank drawing page. Ostwald Process for making Nitric Acid: Step 1 - Primary oxidation (formation of nitric acid) Oxidation of ammonia is carried out in a catalyst chamber in which one part of ammonia and eight parts of oxygen by volume are introduced. Back-titrations are often required when the rate of reaction between the analyte and reagent is slow or when the standard solution lacks Download free Chemistry Powerpoint templates to gain excel grade in your project work. Our customer service team will review your report and will be in touch. Announcement. This general definition raises many questions. The chemical industry, supported by chemistry research, underpins much of our economic progress, and provides wealth and About Chemistry for Biologists Chemistry for Biologists resources aim to help you understand the chemistry and chemical principles that underlie a good deal of biology. Nothing great is made alone. This is all about People Playground - Chemistry Guide + Mixing Liquid Process; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide!You choose which GoDaddy products you want to sell — and for how much — and we provide the rest, from the web store to payment processing. 10 slides in the free version: 5 presentation slides and 5 infographic slides. Chemistry plays a critical role in medical diagnosis and drug development, enabling people to live longer and healthier lives. The smallest particle that cannot be broken down by chemical means is called an atom. , bacteria, enzymes, chloroplasts) to obtain desired products •Bioprocessing –R&D and manufacturing of products prepared from or used by biological systems (food, feed, biopharmaceuticals, and cosmetics) •Biochemistry –Study of chemistry and biological processes of living CHEM 540 • KFUPM CHEM 540, Advanced Analytical Chemistry • CHEMISTRY DEPT. 2 Process Chemistry is the “How to make it” • Applies to any stage of development of the chemical. 55 MB docx, 12. Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry. PPT. In general, we assume that the system remains in equilibrium throughout all processes. 1 Many refer to these practices as the ASME guidelines. As such, this approach was experience-driven rather than data-driven. Solute is the substance that is dissolved in a solution. ppsx). 2. Nearly every area of science, technology, and medicine has been revolutionized by fundamental discoveries at the James K. Spring Semester 2012. Details. Electron-1. Or, for a fashion or floral presentation, use the elegant Savon design template for PowerPoint. Jun 14, 2019 · As a term, people, process, and technology (PPT) refers to the methodology in which the balance of people, process, and technology drives action: People perform a specific type of work for an organization using processes (and often, technology) to streamline and improve these processes. Lime-Soda Water Softening Process: Soda lime is a process used in water treatment to remove Hardness from water. Microsoft offers a wide variety of PowerPoint templates for free and premium PowerPoint templates for subscribers of Microsoft 365. It increases the rate of the reaction without being used up in the reaction Jan 08, 2022 · Deloitte’s Business Chemistry has released a new survey of 16,000 professionals, across a variety of industries, from C-suite leaders to junior staff, that confirms that when it comes to recognizing others, like many things at work, one size doesn’t fit all—and surprisingly, very few people want recognition that’s widely shared. For Example with NaOH, many metals give a white ppt. Home · Explore. ppt. GrAde 12 ChemisTry • Topic 1 Appendices. 6). 393 (2020). Read 5. org with the subject line "High-risk merchant". January 25, 2022 Physical Seminar - Literature A K M Atique Ullah MSU. Atomic theory in the nineteenth century presumed that nuclei had fixed compositions. Impact Factor 0. Large Molecules Problem Set Biology Project (University of Arizona). This simple PPT layout offers just that in a free download. AstraZeneca and NTU worked in collaboration to develop course material for final year students directly relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, giving real-life examples of drug The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has a slightly different pH scale that is based on electrochemical measurements of a standard buffer solution. process chemists take over the project and face completely different issues that relate to finding the shortest and most efficient route to the candidate identified during the medicinal chemistry part of the campaign. *Corresponding author: [email protected] 1-11. It followed a lawyer and also a police officer's event, which began after2009 Chemistry Nobel honors work on ribosomes. Fully editable content (graphics and text) via PowerPoint - No Photoshop needed! Free PPT Templates 9 slides. It's a common process analysis tool and one of the A POGIL activity is designed to be used with self-managed teams that employ the instructor as a facilitator of learning rather than as a source of information. Chemical engineering PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint Backgrounds. 1. 10 slides. Therefore, a paper written for a chemistry class should explicate all steps of the scientific method. No conversion limits and no email registration. An elementary bimolecular reaction has a second-order rate law: A + B → P If a reaction is an elementary bimolecular process, then it has second-order reaction kinetics; However, if the kinetics are second-order, then the reaction might be complex. add_slide(first_slide_layout). Home > PowerPoint Tutorials > Smart Art > PowerPoint SmartArt SmartArt in PowerPoint can do much more than you imagine. ( ) 2. To avoid losing your audience and getting a lower grade, you should start with mulling over a few cool presentation ideas to pick a perfect topic. ( ) 3. With Soda PDF 12's batch creation process, you can take any number of files, regardless of format, and turn them all into PDFs at the same time. Community Resources/Support Groups: AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Al-Anon( for family and friends of alcoholics) Alateen (just for teenagers) Teen Challenge(in and out patient treatment center) For people who want the original PowerPoint file, you can download the PowerPoint Slide Show (. SACHE Faculty Workshop - September 2003. See Our Recent Newsmakers. In particular, Spectrum seeks to facilitate CIE IGCSE Chemistry: Revision Notes. The Leaching Process is a universal process - Water will leach the components of any material it comes in contact with IB Chem Powerpoints. BizPro PowerPoint Template. quantum mechanical and classical mechanical picture. PPT on NMR Spectroscopy. Mary Kraft, Department of Chemical Dec 01, 2021 · PowerPoint enables users to add animation and effects to slideshow elements. 5 20. Download. Finally, flow chemistry has been very effectively described as a way to expand the process window Jul 05, 2021 · Voodoo 2. University of Wisconsin–Madison Jan 15, 2020 · Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls. Modify it, save it, use it however you wish. This Paper. 3 Friedel-Crafts Acylations Acylations 59 2. PPT provides volume powder production custom process development that ensures your competitiveness. ; “Organic Chemistry” by Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers, OUP, 2001. 1. We have not given extended accounts of complex or more specialized analytical techniques, which might be studied beyond first- and second-year courses. Process Understanding is Vital to Quality and Consistency Relying solely on testing of the product at the end will not be enough to assure product quality over the long run. 3 license. The tests are performed on a blood sample, usually drawn from a vein. 4. Free icon library for PowerPoint featuring creative and exclusive vector-based icons. In chemistry, when two or more elements or compounds combine to make a more complex substance, the process is called synthesis (sin thuh sis). 4 covalent bonds. • process in which cells surround and enclose a particle in a vesicle to bring it into the cell • it requires energy • endo = in . The template includes 470 unique slides a Jan 25, 2022 · Thermal Power Plant Water Chemistry - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (. 4 Grignard Reagents 64 2. Soil Chemistry - University of California, Santa Cruz Chemistry est Practice ook G. endo . Component C : Ba < 1 ppt . This process = “scrubbing”. What is mass? Mass is the amount of matter in an object. The exotherm ic nature of the reaction means it gene rates a fog or mist. 022 MB: PPT: 7 Sep 12, 2021 · Chemistry Formatter Add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Send e-mail to Chris King; my home page. course, he was appointed a research associate at University of Tokyo in 1962. Jéssica Martins. Get Interesting School Chemistry Project Ideas for 11th Grade, 12th Grade and Advanced Chemistry Topics for B. Paul Ashall & Muhammad Said, M. The color scheme creates a nice and elegant contrast, with yellow, green and blue elements and white background. Each graphic in every powerpoint slide is vector based and is 100% editable in power By converting our sims to HTML5, we make them seamlessly available across platforms and devices. Explain 4 steps of brand building, for instance, using this editable slide. Open the file from within PowerPoint, and you will have a fully editable version of the presentation. • Polymerisation • Chemistries. NP. Author: Reed Elsevier Created Date: 12/07/2016 08:08:16 Title: PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Pio, Reny (ELS-CHN) Company: Reed Elsevier PowerPoint slide on Corrosion compiled by Trinity Academia. Design-wise, they're 'okay' and will get the job done. Here you will find the best infographics for your Google Slides themes and PowerPoint presentations. 5 KB ppt, 2. This resource is part of the ‘Sodium carbonate – a versatile material’ resources collection, which presents learning material based on the manufacture and uses of sodium carbonate made by the Solvay (ammonia-soda) process. If you want to upload the created simulations to the Web, you just need to convert PowerPoint to Flash or HTML5 using iSpring Suite. Food gels are viscoelastic substances and several gelled products are manufactured throughout the world. Baran Group Meeting 11/05/2016 Fumihiko Toriyama Practical Process Chemistry 1) Process Chemistry generally refers to the design and development of synthetic routes for the chemicals, in particular pharmaceutical relavant molecules, which ultimately be applocable to manufacturing on commercial scale. Oct 05, 2010 · Covering the whole area of process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, this monograph provides the essential knowledge on the basic chemistry needed for future development and key industrial techniques, as well as morphology, engineering and regulatory compliances. Artificial hips and knees made from metals and plastics can replace worn-out joints. Apply for an Independent Fellowship at Oxford Chemistry. Video: Hear from Graduate Students in Chemistry. Get Started. The templates consists of widescreen size and standard size. Except few metals like gold, platinum (noble metal) other metals are found in nature as their compounds (such as oxides, hydroxides, carbonates, chlorides, sulphides, phosphates, silicates etc. Identify the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium in each of the following colloidal systems: starch dispersion, smoke, fog, pearl, whipped cream, floating soap, jelly, milk, and ruby. Here we will look at the classification of polymers into long, branched, or chain-linked, also we will see the types of polymerization reactions such as An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, Fifth Edition- Graham L. Free Exam papers and tests are also available for free download. This process is now obsolete but was very useful for the treatment of large volumes of hard water. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Solution 13. Write the nuclear equation that represents this process. Intermediates: Information on the quality and control of intermediates isolated during the process should be provided. There are also PowerPoint templates that suit fields of study or industries. 7 The Mitsunobu PowerPoint themes allow for a variety of presentation topics, giving you the freedom to choose the best presentation template design for your project. Because of the complicated process technology, and high capital requirements to construct plants suitable to practice the chemistry, few companies actually carry out the Rochow process. # with Presentation i. Addition of lime (CaO) and soda (Na2CO3) to the hard water precipitates calcium as the carbonate, and magnesium as its hydroxide. S. Download and Read Form 3 Chemistry Notes Form 3 Chemistry Notes Form Three Chemistry Notes PDF. 1998-2013 Professor of Chemistry, Iowa State University. OPTION D: Medicinal Chemistry. Emphasis will be given to the experimental methods used to unravel how these processes fit into the Arial Calibri Mountain Top 1_Mountain Top Laws of Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Getting Started Classical vs Statistical Introduction 1. They follow the Law of Conservation of Matter. 1) Process Chemistry generally refers to the design and development of synthetic routes for the chemicals, in particular pharmaceutical relavant molecules,  2006 Outline What is Process Chemistry? Drug Development Timeline and Cost – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on Chemical Process Safety Strategies. Mar 11. The sulfur dioxide is converted into sulfur trioxide using an excess of air from the previous processes. : AACT Membership Benefits. College Graduate Students. 4 44. Fog, smoke, whipped cream, mayonnaise, etc. Calvin Cycle or Dark Reactions). B. 3. Exposure Assessment 4. insoluble in excess: No ppt. Free GCSE Chemistry revision materials. JABER • Room 261F, Tel 2611 Powerpoint Notes on Cell Theory: The Cell Theory. Separating some solvent molecules to make space available for the solute. Navigate to [Business] > [Presentation]. PHA must be updated and revalidated every 5 years. With the help of Chemical Process 2020/08/12 Al(OH)3̲ ppt. edu. After exiting the Process Feed Tank, the liquid is passed thru another Cartridge Filter, F-2 to remove any small particles that may migrated through the Process Feed Tank. Unit 1 Notes. Lesson 4 Levels of Cellular Organization. Learn 6 tricks to get full value from this wonderful inbuilt presentation tool. Variation of the Process Flow diagram: You can choose to keep the color scheme fairly consistent across the steps and use a contrasting color to draw attention to a certain step in the process as shown below: The Ostwald process is a chemical process that in two stages, converts ammonia to nitric acid (also known as HNO3). Title: PowerPoint Presentation Author: Carl Agee Last modified by: Carl Agee Created Date: 2/21/2003 1:17:19 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show X Exclude words from your search Put - in front of a word you want to leave out. The particulate nature … May 21, 2012 · Stage 3: Making the sulfuric acid. Access the Insert tab of the Ribbon, and click the Symbol button, as shown in Figure 2, below. I love the Bio-Chemistry subject so much and this site helps me to clear all my confusion. On the basis of the physical nature of crude drug to be extracted i. The new click chemistry strategies 60 may also play an emerging role in PEGylation 61. It also has to ultimately generate entropy in order to happen. Dependency. A Chemical Process Flow diagram (PFD) is a specialized type of flowchart. UCLA Chemistry Temporary Lecturer Multiple Positions - Click to Apply. mud, freshly squeezed orange juice. Worked example: Identifying isotopes and ions. Highlight the major advantages and disadvantages of the product, process, strategy, idea etc. 0. Related: Amazing 3D PowerPoint Steps Diagram. Chegg survey fielded between April 23-April 25, 2021 among customers who used Chegg Study and Chegg Study Pack in Q1 2020Free for Commercial Use Collection PowerPoint Templates - creative, business, marketing, starup, education and more. Chemistry of the Transition Elements — Electronic structures, occurrences and recovery, physical and chemical properties of the elements and their compounds, coordination chemistry H. from plant or animal drugs with the help of solvent. pptx. Everything around us that takes up space and mass is known as 'matter' which is primarily made of the tiny particles known as 'atoms'. January 19, 2022 Organic Seminar Austin Jones MSU. If we look at the universe as a whole, it seems inevitable that, as more and more energy is converted to unavailable forms, the ability to do work anywherewill gradually vanish. in 1959 and M. This site has been developed primarily as a resource for UO chemistry instructors, but high school and college chemistry and physical science instructors can find a lot of useful information here too. They help evaluate, for example, the body’s electrolyte balance and/or the status of several major body organs. Those three reagents react to make solid potassium carbonate, solid potassium sulfate, nitrogen gas, and carbon dioxide gas, so you have solid reagents reacting to make gases. 3) Combination of hydrogen and oxygen to form water when initiated by passing an electric spark. We keep the library up-to-dateAcid copolymer chemistry. They include charts, diagrams, and visual metaphors to illustrate your data and information. Possible to change shape and color properties. D. 4kJ at Reproduction of a resource page for first year IB Diploma Chemistry students that used to reside on my homepage. Origin: study of chemicals in living organisms. Survey of Some Organic Reactions in Relation to Process Development 54-118 2. Solutions & Gases. The organic solvent causes the proteins in the patient sample to precipitate out of solution, and after centrifugation, the proteins form a pellet at the bottom of the tube. The notion of precipitation can also be extended to other domains of chemistry (organic chemistry and biochemistry) and even be Lavoisier helped to transform chemistry from a science of observation to the science Chemists may use models to study chemical reactions and processes. 74 KB docx, 12. 21 in your lab text. Relative Formula Mass The relative formula mass (Mr) of a compound is the sum of An awesome free minimalist template compatible with Powerpoint and Keynote. • chemical reaction • advantage/disadvantages. Read Paper. This medicinal chemistry course explores how chemists modify a molecule’s structure to design a safe and effective drug. In general, Significance of Chemistry Life . Fill in the PowerPoint Presentation Precision versus accuracy PowerPoint Presentation Interpreting Results of Experiments Introduction to Sampling Overall Methodology: Sampling PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation Interpreting quantitative findings Mean Median Mode This 13-slide PowerPoint presentation teaches the solution process and related topics. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. com is free, anonymous and secure. An alternate definition is "the operationalThe Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus. F. From the ancient Fertile Crescent to the present day, butter has symbolized the powerful, life giving and sacred, the good, the happy, the healthy and pure. 0 675. Some chemistry teachers like to define a chemical process as any process that involves a chemical reaction and all other processes as physical processes. transparent. Use a variety of drawing tools, smart connectors, flowchart symbols and shape libraries to create flowcharts of complex processes, process flow diagrams, procedures and information exchange. Powder Coating - February 05 -. • Step 0 in the refining process is to remove these contaminants so as to reduce corrosion, plugging, and fouling of equipment and to prevent poisoning catalysts in processing units. Prerequisite: PPT 101. Vanderwal Group. 2013-2014 Visiting Lecturer, University of Oregon. The Department of Chemistry has an outstanding record of accomplishment and innovation in research, education, outreach, and entrepreneurship. In general metabolism may be divided into two categories: catabolism or the break down of molecules to obtain energy; and anabolism or the synthesis of all compounds needed by the cells (examples are DNA, RNA, an protein synthesis). Public Pay Telephone. Potassium chromate test: OS + K2CrO4 = yellow ppt Group II – Cu2+ (copper): OS + dil HCl + H2S = black ppt 1. Yi Tang, UCLA Winner in the Area of Greener Synthetic Pathways * Overview Title: An Efficient Biocatalytic Process to Manufacture Simvastatin Summary: Simvastatin, a leading drug for treating high cholesterol, is manufactured from a Since this is a two-electron process (the 2 electrons in the relocated sigma bond), the rearrangement is predicted to be suprafacial. Journal Metrics Reports 2020. Decreasing the amount of material used to make a drug is one of the major green chemistry challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. 46 MB: PPT: 6: The Principles of Confocal Microscopy [44 slides] BR: 5. Use design templates; Standardize position, colors and styles ; Include only necessary Chemistry Specimen Paper Class IX 2019 Onwards 2 (b) Choose the correct answer from the options given below: (i) The gas that causes the greenhouse effect: A. Mg < 1 ppt . The metal to be electroplated is connected to the cathode. Lesson 5 Homeostasis and Cell Process. Under high pressure and high temperature, the dead plants those got buried inside the Earth, got slowly converted into coal. Enterprise Product: Analytical Studio-Express™. The slow process of conversion of dead vegetation into coal is known as carbonization. Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs):The Big Picture of a Long-term Commitment. 9 Process Development in Relation to Plant Equipment 49 2. tr. Keshab Raj Acharya Planning and Design Engineer Road Design/Qua Presentation templates. Feb 07, 2020 · 48. 1095 X 10-31 kg The second part is adaptation of the work-up conditions to help telescope as many steps as possible to flow chemistry, which adds efficiency to the entire process. The IM machine shown below was one of the first US built machines and was manufactured by the HPM Corporation in Marion, OH. ”— Dr. is formed when ketone or aldehyde is present C=C → Electrophilic addition =O → Nucleophilic addition Organic Chemistry (A-level) Benzene: Organic hydrocarbons containing one or more benzene rings are called arenes. g adsorption • The electrode may be in a potential region that does not facilitate occurrence of a charge transfer reaction. HTML 5. Our beautifully designed free PPT Slides are multi-purpose, which means that you can use them for any topic - be it project planning, business roadmap, time management, budget plans, product releases, and so on