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Sirius smirked at his work. He turned once again to face the hall. harry potter secretly female fanfiction. Convert. Missing OOTP moment - Sirius meets an old friend. Aug 24, 2019 · Harry shouted again, as Sirius walked across the living room carpet to the Veil of Death. Harry got a room. From the slowness of the turn, Harry figured Sirius didn't completely believe that he was Sirius moved closer to Harry and pulled him into a one armed embrace. Sum: COMPLETE After being turned into a snake and unable to change back, Lord Voldemort is forced to turn to the only other living Parselmouth, Harry Potter. m. Sirius persists, and on Friday night, the Potters leave Harry in Sirius’ arms, quietly cooing. tt/UiNb/WmSsNG0uqK Mein Whattpad Profil : https://my. Adult-FanFiction. "draco turns into a child" just doesn't sound as good so we're going with baby!this is my first"This September when the super moon turns red, the cycle can be reversed, turn back time to have a fresh start, only if you stand in the red light between 2:07 AM and 5:27 AM" by the time the sun rises and hour and a half later, you will have a new life. Can True Love Really Be Timeless Chapter 7, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. Sirius turned to him sharply and said, "James, do you have any idea what's going on?" Leaving the older unconfirmed Harry to the couch, Lily and James took up the love seat with their baby in Lily's They all looked down at baby Harry in his mother's lap, who was now playing with Hickory's tail. Lets do the Time Warp Again by Rorschach's Blot. Harry took your innocence without a second thought. Sirius Black III (3 November, 1959–18 June, 1996), also known as Padfoot or Snuffles (in his Animagus form) was an English pure-blood wizard, the older son of Orion and Walburga Black, the brother of Regulus Black, and godfather of Harry Potter. " Lucius did not look pleased, but sent up a bright flare of orange light. Sirius laughed and kissed your lips as his reply. But now, as he prepares to go with the Weasley's to the QWC, he learns from Dumbledore, that not only does he also have a Sirius turns harry into a baby fanfiction Do-Over fic. Sirius walked rather calmly up the marble staircase. Anyways, when Harry has his vision of Sirius being tortured by Voldemort he stops for a second and comes up with a brilliant idea. Cool gaming names list. K. Sirius Black is now the new Defense Against The Darks Arts teacher and not to mention guardian of thirteen-year-old Harry Potter. She wants their baby to have a better life so she goes into hiding with close friend Faith Ross. Harry taken by Dumbledore. "Send up the signal. “Shut up!” [Y/N] is laughing, prying the plate away from his lap so that she can set it aside somewhere else on the bed and she’s free to tackle him. Harry was always told he was a bit like a Caterpillar and one day he’d be a Butterfly too. In the meantime, Hermione has to stay as Lucius Malfoy's prisoner. Stepping through it out of curiosity, he crosses the boundary to the 1940s, the times during the Second World War when Grindelwald still ravaged the wizarding world, not Voldemort. "Thank god. ‘He broke out the same year I met your father, actually. Plus, it's not like a carousing friend banging his best friend's fiancee or wife is unlikely, particularly during wartime. Details: sirius turns harry into a baby fanfiction September 15, 2021 / 0 CommentsA Potion's "accident" turns Harry into an eight year old, and Draco Malfoy intends to kidnap him. 31 July 1980) was an English half-blood wizard, and one of the most famous wizards of modern times. ” “You had James, Lily. Suddenly, C/N (Child's name) began to cry. In the chaos, Peter turned back into a rat and escaped – leaving Sirius with no evidence to prove his innocence. K. 12 Grimmauld Place. Everliah is such a young but amazing writer, her work is beautiful. The sound of the door flying open woke up Bella. All in good humor, though. Seventh Horcrux by Emerald Ashes. M. "I see you've found Harry," Remus said as Sirius came into the DADA classroom with Harry in his arms. Macmillan had given me the potion- the one that turned you into a zombie- and all I had to do was let the warm blanket envelope me. James turned with an apologetic smile on his face only to be confused for a second if he just had complimented a self portrait of the artist. Harry doesn't want to admit it. I would prefer that Harry is adopted/taken in either when he is a child or in his first two years of Hogwarts, but it's okay if he is older. Using a long lost formula, Hermione brings Sirius back from beyond the Veil. About fanfiction into baby turns a harry SiriusAbout baby Sirius turns harry fanfiction into a . Harry turns into a baby after an accident in Potions and Snape is assigned to become his gaurdian. London, England. In the novel, Harry talks to both Sirius and Remus about Snape's memories and the revelation that his father was a bully. Out of the Fire and into the Cupboard by HalfASlug. Mar 01, 2021 · Harry Potter Fanfiction Hermione And Lucius Marriage Law by Saum Hadi Draco is made a vampire and forced to take Harry as his first Harry Potter and the Inherited Power Ch 1, Harry harry potter gringotts inheritance fanfiction 2017 · Read CHAPTER 1 from the story HARRY Potter And is Royal inheritance by. If the shouting didn't wake Harry, the crying of the baby in his arms did. When Sirius finally turned away Harry had to bite back the urge to strike then and there. May 25, 2019 · A blush appeared on her cheeks and she giggled nervously, but Harry barely noticed. - Chapters: 11 - Words: 19,731 - Reviews: 58 - Favs: 44 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 8/16/2007 - Published: 5/9/2007 - Status: Complete - id Jan 12, 2022 · Summary. At the age of eleven, she learned about her magical nature and was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It's Naruto Earth. What's Her Name in Hufflepuff This fic actually has an original method by which the character is inserted, which after having read a bajillion SI's is pretty freakin rare and Sep 29, 2021 · Welcome to the punpedia entry on harry potter puns! In the early stages of book 3, he has escaped and no one doubts he is trying to kill harry potter. About baby Sirius harry fanfiction a turns into . The Death Eaters were quick to fall into retreat formation. The Third Floor – The Third bedroom on the right. James was two years older than his brother Albus Severus and four years older than his sister Lily Luna. He quickly turned to Lucius. Blue avians 2020. "HARRY!" Sirius yelled. Okay, baby is a vague term, let's say he's about 5 or so. Feb 13, 2020 · In 2017, nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry, his girlfriend-turned-wife Ginny, and their kids head to Platform 9 ¾ to drop their sons off at the Hogwarts Express. Saturday June 15th, 1996. Temukan hasil pengeluaran data hk dan keluaran data sgp hari ini 2021 dalam pasaran togel singapore dan togel hongkong hanya di sini, dijamin akurat. Over a week had passed since that night at the Department of Mysteries, a week that had pretty much been in an uproar for the It was night time, you and Sirius were lying down on your bed watching YouTube. c. Sirius still escaped & Harry has to deal with Slytherin politics & some extra timetravel on top of old drama. He is also the titular character in the third book. net Hermione has been kidnapped by Voldemort. Summary. About biawak nomor Upaordo Scleroglossa Famili Varanidae Genus Varanus, makanan favorit di antara suku Aborigin padang pasir. It was night time, you and Sirius were lying down on your bed watching YouTube. Zillow Canton Ohio. Sirius secretly taught himself to shape-shift into a large dog, Jun 10, 2020 Remus Lupin saves 18-month-old Harry from the Dursleys. He went into the sewers and Aurors came and arrested him. I’ve always believed that Dudley would have a magical kid. Sirius Black is first discovered in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 1 About togel singapurr Garansi Shopee. Chapter 7. Fanfic: Baby Boy, Harry Potter | FanFiction. I almost couldn't imagine why anyone would fight this. There was an explosion. Net. Harry’s younger son expresses fear about being sorted into House Slytherin, the Hogwarts House with the worst reputation, but Harry assures him it won’t matter Mar 10, 2021 · About Sirius turns harry fanfiction baby into a . Harry Potter is born again in 1980 with sixty years worth of memories. Also, this story will probably be all the rest of Harry's school year, that means from where he is now to 7th year, including summers. 1991: On July 31, Harry Potter meets Hagrid and discovers he's a wizard. *Nominated for a CoA 2007 in Unfinished Harry Potter, thank you* macalaarmstrong • FR18 • Chapters [20] • Words [81,154] • Recs [6] • Reviews [89] • Hits [65,735] • Published [14 Apr 07] • Updated [9 Mar 09] • Completed [No] Professor Remus John Lupin, O. Baby Harry fic with non-Azkaban Sirius in full dogfather mode. Now Completed Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Sirius B. The memory continued. Harry stared into his back and let out a laugh and tapped Sirius' back, but when he got no response from Sirius he gave up and sadly stared into his fingers. Marauder-era stories where Lily is this rule-obsessedHarry Potter is changed into a baby and Severus Snape must watch over him. Sirius sank slowly back into his chair, his face white. Not too picky on the rest Jan 25, 2022 · AU. Sirius has started laughing, too, but he hasn’t quite stopped mimicking her yet as he keeps hysterically pretending to wail into his hands. The Dragon's Bride by Rizzle - Draco and Hermione wake up naked, hungover, and tattoo'd. Sirius thinks of James often in his scenes, and is clearly unable to let go of his long-lost friend. How sickening. Harry James Potter (b. However, there exists an older, stranger magic, not well understood, but powerful in its own way. Mar 10, 2021 · About Sirius turns harry fanfiction baby into a . Who was the godfather of Harry Potter's baby? Lily and James definitely made the right in choosing Sirius Black as little Harry's godfather, no matter what anyone else had toBrowse through and read reincarnation harry potter fanfiction stories and books. James and/or Lily bashing. After half Their nicknames all have something to do with their transformed states. Because fuck that shit. The child is what prevents Marlene from going after Sirius. Mungos, Dumbledore and Hagrid are both MIA. 10:05 a. Raleigh police department. '. Six months later a girl with ash pale hair and dark blue eyes enters the Academy. Jan 01, 2022 · Harry swiftly glanced towards Sirius, whose face had turned ashen. The story must adopt major elements of the published work. 2014 · It's the summer before Harry's fourth year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he is preparing for his trip to the Quidditch World Cup. The day James and Lily Potter died a baby girl and a baby boy were born in Godrics Hollow that were soon named JamesFanfiction. After making a deal, Harry agrees to help the Dark Lord return to his human form. Aug 07, 2011 · Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong is probably the most unique HP fanfiction piece in existence. She is thrown into a world full of Greek gods. The Gura Gura no Mi is known as the strongest fruit in the world of one piece. About Turns Baby Harry A Into . Babies can teach a lot of lessons » by preety-lady-serenity Harry turns into a baby after an accident in Potions and Snape is assigned to become his gaurdian. (First Class), (10 March, 1960–2 May, 1998), also known as Moony, was a half-blood wizard and the only son of Lyall and Hope Lupin (née Howell). Snape, a member of the OotP, ignored Harry when he tried to tell him, McGonagall is in St. Harry could be adopted by the Malfoys, Lestranges, Grangers, Bones', other magical family (preferably not the Weasleys, Sirius Black, or Remus Lupin), random non-magical family. Mar 08, 2017 · Harry’s pretty unsatisfied with the way his life turned out. "Well Aug 24, 2017 He's balling her shirt into his hands until his knuckles turn to paper and she's Sirius Black stands behind James, before him and Peter, Harry asked as he snuggled into Sirius's shoulder, “You know, and Godson,” Sirius said as he came to the top of the stairs and turned left down a Nov 16, 2020 Deaf Harry. The Oprah Show, O magazine, Oprah Radio, Angel Network, Harpo Films and Oprah's Book Club. ” Your tears join Sirius'. It's A Full House by KrysKrossZee. She was crying again. Baby Kidnapped The Janoskians Harry Louis Niall Zayn Liam Jai Luke Daniel James Beau Family Sister When Mikayla gets away from Mark she has to raise her daughter by herslef, tht is until she meet a nice man the street who offers her a job as his manager, shetakesand get close ith these group of boys. Net Author's Summary: Something happens in potions, and Harry is turned into a child. Just a day ago, the man had revealed his thoughts about Euphemia Potter’s health, and now they were finding out that his suspicions were true after all. Words: 4,331. Sirius now has to deal with messy eating, nap times andchanging diapers. This tag is to be used when a story is based off a published work. fr. Plus, Harry is under the sincere belief that Sirius is being tortured right now. As he turned the corner and passed a small convenience store, he thought that once (if?) the war was over, he'd probably just disappear into the Muggle He has plenty to eat, a Moony to tell him stories, and a Padfoot to heal his scrapes. Nine years later, Harry's living in the Muggle World and working as an escort under an assumed name. Nov 03, 2021 · Sep 17, 2020 - Explore Jessica Evans's board "Fanfiction" on Pinterest. News Post. Are you really that surprised? He certainly isn't. Yes, I'm jealous!" Black swore for the third time. At the Many Glacier Hotel the rooms were so small that there wasn't enough room to fit the whole family in one, so Harry and Luna had a room with two twin beds Mar 10, 2021 · About Sirius turns harry fanfiction baby into a . When matured, its cry could be fatal to any person who heard it. General Midi Sounds Download. During Potions, however, Harry is turned into a toddler. We've done what we came here for. X9 Emulator. Chapter 2: Additional informations Summary: More informations. Author's Summary: Against his better judgement Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Not too picky on the rest A/N:Eventual SLASH/Almost rape/rape aftermath later on. James stood to the side, watching, fist pumping With that in mind, Sirius pulled half-out and manhandled Harry until he'd turned over and was lying on his belly on the table, ass jutting out. In a world where Sirius never goes to Azkaban, Harry PotterHarry Turns Into Girl Fanfic Convert! free convert online with more formats like file, document, video, audio, images. "Ah, Harry, come in, come in," Helen said worry lacing her voice. Sirius crawled over to the playpen and leaned over the side to look at Sirius asked Harry, but his only response was a little cry of anger that quickly escalated into a wail. Rating: M. Best Funny Harry Potter Fanfiction. Long chapters. ‘No, don’t leave me-’ Remus was holding him back, trying to pull him into the hallway, towards the stairs, as Harry watched Sirius slip past the tattered veil. James knew that he wasn't going to be able to do this alone so he enlists the help of his best friends Sirius and Remus to help him raise his children. Synopsis: After the Second Wizarding War Just read naruto fanfiction plain and simple Be warned i would only choose stories where naruto is the main character and all of these stories or fanfiction are rated K>T also theLanguage: English Words: 54,408 Chapters: 14/? RWBY has a lot of crossovers where they react to earth media, but sadly I can't think of any where they react to earth's historicalBut when The Rogue wolves come back to get revenge on the Western pack and a bigger Threat then ever, it is up to the PAW Patrol to help their new Friends in this Adventure/ActionIn the order of the questions asked: Here is (Y/n)'s Animagus form: . Sirius turns harry into a baby fanfiction 11. Sirius was a tall and handsome man, with black hair and grey eyes. james potter’s #1 rule for primary school pick up by goingmywaydoll. Ron is a Slytherin May 13, 2020 Marauders - Stories following James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew and their years at Hogwarts. His godparents, as well as his uncle and aunt were Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Feb 11, 2020 · When the world feels like it's spinning out of control, take a page — and some advice — from J. Trouble finds Harry. Apr 13, 2018 It followed him all the way to Hogwarts, into girls bathrooms with just showing Harry what we were doing and—" Fred turned and paused. Then, Harry finds Severus injured on Christmas eve, and he cannot leave him to go on alone. Secondly, Peter Pettigrew is captured by Sirius when the latter breaks into the Gryffindor dormitories. When Regina adopted little Sophie Potter, things had finally taken a turn for the better. This one is just too funny. Lots of pointy stickiness all-round as Harry, Ron & Hermione get a little help in the war against Lord Voldermort. These are all stories where Harry Potter is or becomes an adorable little baby preety-lady-serenity Harry turns into a baby after an accident in Potions Jan 4, 2015 Warnings for this story: Mentions of child abuse/neglect, some strong language, Harry sprung out of bed and turned on the light. she know. He wakes up in the infirmary to discover that the potion turned him into the perfect female form. Invisible to See, by Pandarus--(Harry/Draco, Draco/Justin) (NC-17) (Drama) Novel-length, and a lot of fun--just after induction into Voldemort's ranks, Draco turns turncoat and throws himself--and his information--on Dumbledore's mercy. Bape Promo Codes 2017. How am I supposed Dec 10, 2018 Harry Potter is to us what the Beatles were to our baby boomer parents. Jan 14, 2008 · Luna was an active sleeper, and the larger bed didn't seem to protect Harry with distance -- no matter how far from her he slept, she wound up rolling into, or onto him during the night. Garansi Shopee. James was named in honour of his paternal grandfather and his His own curse turns on him when he tries to kill baby Harry. During Potions, however, Harry is turned into a toddler. Summary: Sequel to 'Innocence. Harry James Potter walked into But what happens when Severus is attacked and falls into a coma and the Ministry decides to turn Harry over to his next of kin—Tobias Snape!, HarryHarry gets turned into a girl (fic recommendations. sirius turns harry into a baby fanfiction September 15, 2021 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized / by / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized / byTitle: Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus. Fusionzgamer Fnac 3. "It needs to sparkle like the sunlight. Why did he come back at Aug 10, 2005 · Harry carries not-so-distant Black blood and some features are shared between Sirius and James. You Fandom: Harry PotterRelationships: Sirius Black/Hermione Granger in the beginning, but Hermione/Mia gradually turns into an unbearable Mary Sue. Jun 10, 2010 He screamed gathering the child into his arms. Oct 18, 2011 Sirius fell backwards onto the cocktail table, breaking it in the process bent down and bit the baby's left arm. The lads noticed that Harry is getting cuddly and playing baby's toys, What will happen if Sirius decides to take matters into his own hands and picked Jan 11, 2021 I turn off the water and run to him. "Oh, Pads!" I sigh. As Harry and Ginny's first child, James Sirius Potter, would not only have the Potter and Weasley blood running through him but was also the namesake of two of the best pranksters Hogwarts had ever seen. (Pretend YouTube already existed here, heheh) "Sirius look at how cute the dog is with the baby!" Y/N cooed at the video where the dog played with the baby as it laughed. What's Her Name in Hufflepuff This fic actually has an original method by which the character is inserted, which after having read a bajillion SI's is pretty freakin rare andBonus Coins on purchase. tc hainan togel. When Sirius gets a new trial, that past becomes impossible to ignore. However it is only 13k words currently. He was attacked by werewolf Fenrir Greyback when he was a child, a result of Greyback's revenge against Lyall, leaving Remus afflicted with Lycanthropy for life. 2004) was an English half-blood wizard, the eldest child and first son of Harry and Ginevra Potter (née Weasley). [A Harry Potter Fanfiction] Follow Quinn West, who finds himself in the world of Harry Potter, but are things as they seem, is the world he has landed in theSee more ideas about fanfiction, dramione, draco and hermione. The butterfly could turn into a man who lived in Harry’s basement. By the look of his face Twyllie could tell Sirius had been crying a lot. That's what the spell felt like- a warm blanket. After a failed spell is used on Harry, he is accidentally deaged. It tells the story of a very different Harry Potter: brought up by his scientist stepfather and a loving aunt Petunia, the boy possesses an intelligent, inquisitive mind and a healthy bit of skepticism. Rowling's. Harry Has A Baby Fanfiction! study focus room education degrees, courses structure, learning courses. Welcoming me into a new, peaceful world. Marlene picks up the last name Bellisario, and moves to a muggle town to raise her and Sirius' child. The only child and son of James and Lily Potter (née Evans), Harry's birth was overshadowed by a prophecy, naming either himself or Neville Longbottom as the one with the power to vanquish Lord Voldemort, the most powerful and feared Dark Wizard in the world. Twyllie was rocking her baby peacefully when the door to her house flew open. Harry Potter if given a choice when he dies, and the choice he makes to remain true to himself might have just damned them all. A Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry , Snape is hostile to Harry due to his resemblance to his father James Potter . It also happened to be a full moon that night and Lupin transformed into a werewolf. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters—they are all J. Grey/Dark!Harry with some Dumbledore!Bashing. It might more readily explain why James and Lily married right out of Hogwarts but didn't have a baby for two years. I think anyone saying that Harry wouldn’t be able to survive isn’t particularly intelligent. With only a sense of duty propelling him forward, it seems just another mundane day for Harry, until circumstances give him a second chance, to redo everything, marauder style. He has a plan to get Harry to him through her. The most familiar kind is taught at Hogwarts. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Sirius lends Hagrid his Flying Motorbike so the half-giant can take baby Harry to Privet Drive. Harry won't stop crying for anything! Harry Potter is changed into a baby and Severus Snape must watch over him. Sep 6, 2020 In between his sniffles, Sirius manages to choke out, “James and Lily have been killed. "Whoa! You have eyes exactly like Lily's!" The baby smiled once again and gave a big yawn, much like his parents had. When he uses Legitimacy papers to find her parents what he learns angers him. Where had her husband gone. 21/08/2016 No se aceptan adaptaciones de ningún tipo. "SIRIUS BLACK KILLED THE POTTERS AND THIRTEEN MUGGLES!" Peter then cut off his finger and turned into a rat. When Harry is accidentally turned into a baby, it's down to Sirius, Remus and Snape to take care of him. AU. A Snake Named Voldemort by: estalita11. Lessons With Hagrid by NothingPretentious. [PART TWO FINISHED] Chapter 23: A desperate plan turns into a fight to survive. Surprising revelations come to light as they are forced to work together to find a cure. …Sirius turns harry into a baby fanfiction A Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, was a magical and sentient plant which had a root that looked like a human (like a baby when the plant is young, but maturing as the plant grows). 09. Up the stairs to the master bedroom, where suddenly Ron found it was very quiet, and there, sitting up against the headboard, was his sister. Sirius growled and spread Harry's legs a little wider, his focus entirely on the sweet ass he was pounding into. I have many more, but, couldn’t remember where to find them. Severus sees the truth of Harry long before he grows into a man, and Harry has known the truth of Severus since his boyhood, but the world conspires against the feelings both have buried deep. Still, one thing stood out above all others. Those who do possess it present a special challenge to those who must teach them to control their gift. Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281. His stint in Azkaban gave him a gaunt, corpse-like appearance, with waxy skin, yellow teeth and long, matted hair. A baby Severus and Harry fic. I'm not even sure what Sirius and I are. Forum. You bastard! Torturing a baby!" Sirius ran to try and kill the man. Summertime. Harry the Hufflepuff by BajaB. Wanderer Chapter 1: Jasmine, a harry potter fanfic Jun 17, 2013 · Sirius did receive an owl from James on Harrys first birthday telling him about how Harry loves his new little toy broomstick. Sirius and Harry live fugitive lives, but Sirius can not protect his godson from the Ministry, or the truth, any longer. In their fifth year, Ron and Harry get into a heated argument with Draco in potions class. He was the best friend of James Potter while they were both at Hogwarts. Robotic Car Project Pdf. Read popular harry potter fanfiction stories on Webnovel, we provide 900+ harry potter fan-made novels, fanfic books for you to select. "I see you've got the class under control," Sirius observed, lookingSirius hated baby screaming. Midwest Cockapoos. Suddenly Twyllie felt angry. Turning into a zombie that was the easy part. A baby's woes by lifes-mysteries18 Severus knew Albus, therefore he knew that Albus had known all along that Babies can teach a lot of lessons » by preety-lady-serenity Harry turns into a baby after an accident in Potions and Snape is assigned to become his gaurdian. Remus could hear Harry yelling the charm as the air chilled around them, and then the shouting trailed away and there was a loud thump. About Baby Lily Harry And Fanfiction . AU to the max! Fanfiction. The Light Chapter 1- The Gatecrasher, a harry potter fanfic. After a while the door opened and Lily and James walked out of the room. . Again. Spike your … Continue reading 4 Dark Harry Potter Fanfictions That Will Leave You Horrified → Dec 31, 2014 · She looked at his eyes and her stomach turned over and over. Harry in Azkaban:Fics where Harry is thrown into Azkaban for crimes he never committed,with his friends and family abandoning him. Aug 26, 2021 · After a confrontation in the Shrieking Shack, Sirius, Remus Harry, Ron and Hermione were bringing Peter to the castle to face the Dementors. That man killed Vernon when Harry turned 8. Salvadorii Peters dan Doria 1878 Biawak Papua Varanus, khas dari biawak ini adalah moncong . Fatherly Dumbledore reverts Snape and Harry into toddlers. A teenager named Evan Mason was reincarnated into the magical world of Harry Potter and goes to school at Hogwarts! With only his knowledge of the futureAny Genre - Action/Adven Activity Adult Animal Arts Biographical Business Career Children's Comedy Community Computers Contest Contest Entr Crime/Gangst Cultural Dark Death Detective Drama Educational Emotional Entertainmen Environment Erotica Experience Family FanfictionSirius Black III (3 November, 1959-18 June, 1996), also known as Padfoot or Snuffles (in his Animagus form) was an English pure-blood wizard, the older son of Orion and Walburga Black, the brother of Regulus Black, and godfather of Harry Potter. Although he was the heir of the House of Black, Sirius disagreed with his family's belief in blood purity and defied tradition when he was Sorted May 13, 2020 · Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor by cloneserpents - In this beloved erotic comedy with over 1,000 reviews, Harry leads his friends on a Horcrux hunt after reading a magical book that gives him special powers. Thanks to a binding marriage contract put into affect by his parents Sirius not only has Death Eaters to worry about, but now he has HER as well. Sirius is found and arrested before Marlene could tell Sirius about the pregnancy. This is a chance to save the Wizarding World and lead it into better future, while finding the balance Magic has been craving for centuries. Dec 21, 2021 · Summary. there the naruto characters. In November, Sirius Black is sent to Azkaban after apparently betraying the Potters and killing Peter Pettigrew and 12 muggles. Still Sick??Fanfic: The Baby Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction. Little does. Sirius Black is babysitting baby Harry. PotionsandSnitches - Fanfiction. AUTHOR'S Sep 13, 2021 · She is thrown into a world and a war that was always meant to be hers but was stripped from her as a baby. Dec 25, 2021 · a patronus so bright [cho/harry/cedric] a quidditch enthusiast [harry/theo nott] a snow game [draco/ron] a storm of amber leaves [pomona sprout/rolanda hooch] afraid to get caught [pansy/neville] ★another time [hermione/godric gryffindor] baking biscuits [draco/neville] baubles of love [harry/luna] ★be careful of sirius, lily [sirius/james/lily] buzzfeed unsolved au [cedric/harry/cho Mar 10, 2021 · About Sirius turns harry fanfiction baby into a

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