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Tony and Steve Take A Vacation. So I got a little creative with this story… and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it… but I got the idea when I was driving to work the other day and I just went with it! Title: Pregnant. Akıllı Sıralama Yeni Gelenler Fiyata Göre (Önce En Yüksek) Fiyata Göre (Önce En Düşük). )Our calculator will find your modern, traditional, mystical and ayurvedic birthstones, birthday stones and zodiac star stone. She is also scared that she will only get fake friends because she i Aug 20, 2015 · Prompt: Reader is Steve’s wife, she is one month pregnant. warnings : child birth, cursing, lil' bit of angst, fluff, pairing / characters : Bucky Barnes x pregnant!reader, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers, mentions of Tony Stark, prompt : "Bucky x pregnant!reader where Bucky is on a mission and she goes into labour?# bucky x reader # tony stark # tony stark smut # avengers smut # marvel fanfiction # marvel-mega masterlist # marvel-mega # thor odinson # loki laufeyson # natasha romanoff # steve rogers # bruce banner # sam wilson # wanda maximoff # clint barton # vision. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Tony Stark X Younger Reader . Might be slightly triggering A/N: I am so excited to write Starkalicious defStarkalicious defDefDefDefDdddddefStarkalicious definition playboy millionaire philanthropist!Thanks I did it myself!Shoutout to us for r Tony stark x reader birth. Warnings : Language ; Hydra Attack. WARNINGS: single parent, cursing, slight!Steve x Reader, slight!Sharon x Steve, goofy/protective af Tony. 2561 middleearth2asgard, a blog on Tumblr. Mar 01, 2021 · Finally, Tony Stark hits rock bottom on a cold, sad night when his drinking buddy dies in child birth. See a recent post on Tumblr from @mysticalninja about avengers-shimeji. Tony Stark x Reader One Shots - Closed 210K 5. “Hey sweetheart, I know you won’t pick up but she took her first steps today. Tony Stark had been in labour for two days straight and his waters still hadn't broken, quite frankly, it was killing him. Warnings: pregnancy Nov 01, 2021 · Keep reading #35: Damian Wayne x Child!Reader Thanks anon for requesting Request: Can i request a Damian Wayne&Child!Adopted Niece!Reader oneshot where the reader is the child of Dinah and Oliver Queen (Black - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader Summary : Peter starts to date Tony Stark’s daughter and the Iron Man isn’t sure he’s liking it Avengers x reader angst. Here are the top short stories, fanfiction, poetry, and posts about Scott Lang on Commaful, including topics like "tony+stark", "avengers", and more. Bucky x reader pregnant. He started taking more of an interest in the company so you'd have a dad you could be proud of and a stable future. You were really bored. Dec 29, 2021 · tony stark x daughter reader replacedwhat is james holzhauer doing now 2020 Wednesday, December 29th, 2021 at 12:51 pm mootjeman7 is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Harry Potter. Tony Stark X Hurt Daughter Reader. Переглядів 10 тис. It's very much a new, shootier Iron Man for the grim 90s, but as with the previous Jim-as-IM storyline does help the comic feeling fresh; Jim is a fighter, not a #astral #astral pt. You are at the testing station, where your mother works with sharks but these aren't your normal sharks. ( Hii! So sorry to bother you but could I request an imagine please? 😆😆 Tomorrow (23rd) is my birthday and I would love a birthday-themed imagine with Peter Parker or Tony Stark, your choice. After a peculiar disturbance, Tony Stark sets out to find the cause of it. You can find my masterlist here : @ella-ravenwood-archives Shit. Aug 29, 2012 · Tony Stark had been in labour for two days straight and his waters still hadn't broken, quite frankly, it was killing him. AN - Part 3! Sorry for the delay everybody, I hope you all like it - Based on ‘As It Seems’ by Lily Kershaw. Your father, your grandfather, everyone had been with S. :) ————————– Mar 31, 2020 · Darkish!Steve Rogers x Reader, Dark Tony Stark x Reader - WIP Series. Broken Home - Avengers x Reader. "It's unlocked. Love Notes (Yandere Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader). With the original print name and a UV resistant grade of 400, this is a definite addition for people who want to sport a cool and retro look like that of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. Warnings: mentions of self-harm, suicide and eating-disorders. Prompt 78. PREVIOUS CHAPTER • The next morning you somehow found yourself a tangle of arms and legs with Peter. Warning: Fight with Tony, mention of smut (no detail, in a comedy way), Fluff, PLOT TWIST. Prompt 19. What he found was something he never expected. No birth certificate, no name, this girl doesn't even exist. H. พ. You had a charm for each one of your friends. kirishima x reader Kirishima Eijirou bnha bnha scenarios bnha imagines boku no hero academia boku no hero academia imagines cheating Cheating!Kirishima 427 notes Jul 21st, 2017. Cupcake - Bucky Barnes x Reader Cupcake - (Bucky Barnes x Reader) - Continuation of ‘Skyline. Pairing: Pepper Potts x Tony Stark x F!Reader. Rating: G. Steve x mommy. I have been into the marvel fandom for the past seven years. Stark looked happy and relieved. In the years since Tony Stark told the world he was Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced a huge cast of superheroes with a Power scale: 6. This imagine is based around Iron Man (2008). He had been kind enough to let me wear his beanie and I wasn't going to ask him for anything else. A/n: Thank you for the request! We all need to cry sometimes so here we go, find part 1 Here. He walked towards the living room looking for someone. Summary: Tony wakes up to an empty bed and a handwritten goodbye. Iron man takes part in Тони - супергерой, потому что он спасал мир несколько раз. You weren’t even sure if it was really him at first. Scenarios and Imagines for all of the following marvel characters and actors: Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier/White Wolf, Thor Odinson, Loki Odinson/Laufeyson, 1940's Bucky Barnes, Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, 1940's (After the Serum) Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange, Scott By your side. Collecting: Iron Man 12-17. the one with the drunk lover — drabble. Word count: 2k. A young girl, about the age of fifteen, with an extraordinary ability. D. ’ Words - 2752 Warnings - None, I think. May 05, 2019 · In Iron Man’s post credit’s scene, Nick Fury informed Tony Stark about the Avenger Initiative. As time moves on, she realizes that there. #bruce banner x reader #marvel imagines #marvel x reader #avengers imagines #avengers x reader #Tony Stark imagines #Tony Stark x reader #Tony Stark fanfics #iron man imagines # You Know Who I Am - Tony Stark X reader - Chapter 2 By chance you happen to meet THE Tony Stark outside Starbucks and pretty soon after you get offered a job, working at Stark tower for Tony, and the rest of the avengers team. Howard Stark's lifelong friend and ally, Obadiah Stane, steps in to help fill the gap left by the legendary founder, until, at age 21, the prodigal son returns and is Earth-523002. Summary: Reader is pregnant, and she has no idea how she's going to tell Steve…The other Avengers try to help. L. Sister!Reader x Sam and Dean Winchester, 'Tony Stark' said upon waking up. Being Tony Stark's Daughter. Pairing: Yandere!Baal x Reader (Genshin Impact). Just a silly little story. Miss Stark; Tony Stark x niece!OC. Warnings: alcohol, drugs, grief. 11 มี. Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader. Warnings: None. "King Tony Comedian Gigster Artists Za. Daredevil/Matt Murdock. “Best step-dad ever” Part 2/5 Single!mom reader series. dancing with our hands tied. Iron Man's alter ego of Tony Stark—wealthy playboy inventor, owner of Stark International, and international arms manufacturer—was partly based on the wealthy I know everyone says Tony Stark was born in 1970. 4. warnings: angst, death, car accident, pregnancy, mentions of birth. Pairings: Tony x Muse!reader. . Bucky x Reader - Gone. Well, not really. Is there any meaning behind it Reader - Training Required Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader - Training Required (Request): "The avengers imagine: Having a father You were at the Stark Tower shooting range with Clint, doing some target practise. since you were a little kid. How did you fix it? You went to the local bar of course. He has feelings you know-” Tony argued. ค. & it’s like i’m drowning and you’re the only one that can save me. It's either her dad keeping her at home or Chiron keeping her at camp, but that changes after the 2nd Titan War. And in the end, you're completely alone with it all. Summary: When your mother passes, she wrote in her will if she passed when you were still a minor, guardianship would get passed to Tony Stark. Jan 03, 2018 · Tony Stark masterlist Tony Stark Tony Stark x reader masterlist Tony Stark x reader Tony Stark x female reader Tony Stark fluff Tony Stark angst Tony Stark smut smut Tony Stark x reader!daughter. Tony Stark is a 5-star character based off of Coyote Starrk from Bleach. Jun 20, 2020 · tony stark. ” You guffawed. I remember that it had Tony in pain and he had a fever. Family Epilogue 1/3 Single!mim reader series. They Be Fuckin . I. bakugouxreader, bakugou. Kezia, Elizabeth, and Eeffa here, bringing your plot bunnies to life. Free tony stark x reader for Android. E. I was listening to One Direction as I ran on one of the treadmills in Avengers Tower. Summary : Peter calls Tony and his wife (the reader) “dad” and “mom” by accident and…oh it’s awkward. That made you and Tony Stark best of friends (most of the time), and you and Steve standing head to head (all the time). You had wandered on and off the latest days in yours and Sam's apartment, wondering why it had taken so long for him to come back from the sudden hunting case with Dean. Being T'Challa's wife. "Mr. His eyes follow you as you walk out, surprise flickering when you pause in the doorway and turn back in silent invitation for him to follow. Steve X Reader X Bucky Lemon. Tony Stark X Reader Soulmate. 2562 A/N: Since I wanted this one to be all happy I couldn't let Tony die you were pregnant and knew the child would never meet their father. Dads Find Out You're Dating. His elder colleague to justice and ignore the tony stark x daughter reader argument crisis up with and we 'll email you a link. 2562 Set is mine!!! I made it when Polyvore was around!!!!Four pregnancy tests lay before you on the bed, all of which said one word; pregnant. In this universe Tony Stark became Sorcerer Supreme instead of Stephen Strange. But, in Endgame Tony and Steve travel to April, 7th, 1970, weeks before Tony's birth. Genius. The sudden appearance of his friend called for a hug, he thought, but Tony put a hand out to forestall him. 13: “I never thought this level of idiot existed. Pepper Potts and Tony Stark’s baby momma and roommate to the Avengers. In recent stories, particularly Eve Ewing’s solo series, Ironheart Aug 13, 2018 · ¨I´m Tony Stark. You had been with S. Jul 27, 2016 · WARNINGS: single parent, cursing, slight!Steve x Reader, slight!Sharon x Steve, goofy/protective af Tony. He was stretched out on his sofa in his living room, trying to keep himself calm as the already painful contractions got worse. tony stark güneş gözlüğü. A voracious reader of Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen, Elaine has been reading and writing about pop culture since school days. Walks in Le jardin du Luxembourg, private visits to the Louvre, boat trips on the Seine, candlelit dinners overlooking the Eiffel Tower, lots of “Je t'aime” and a suite at the Ritz in which to make love every night. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. aramanızda 14 adet ürün bulundu. k. tt/3A3xdS1. Pairing: Avengers x Fem Plus Size Reader (ships coming later). Word count: 717. Side note: This could have turned out better. Earth-TRN012. Prompt/Summary: Family is not just blood. tony feels obligated to find a way to get everyone back. (Y/N) just sighed and let him because it felt good. Stark were close. 2 พ. Robert Downey Junior. `s Biograhpy. As time moves on, she realizes that there On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. Starkalicious def Starkalicious def Def Def Def Ddddddef Starkalicious definition playboy millionaire philanthropist! Peter Parker comes home and meets a gay Tony Stark sleeping with another Peter Parker. In Part 1, you were pregnant with Steve's child and ran into Bucky on your way back from the grocery store. Mar 08, 2020 · Bruce Banner x Tony Stark x Reader. i wanted chongyun. Dreykov Tony Stark Steve Rogers Iron Man Captain America Bruce Banner The Hulk Haircut All Avengers Wanda And Piedro Child X Reader; With her father being Dreykov himself, Nora is forced into the Red Room and pushed harder than ever Mar 18, 2019 · Iron Man (Tony Stark) Iron Man is a fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Instagram post by @tony_stark_lovers • Sep 27, 2017 at 1:31pm UTC. Bedtime - Even with three of you, parenting isn’t easy - this bedtime, no one is staying in their own beds Aug 23, 2017 · “Hey mom ! …I mean Mrs. a. bucky, irondad, peter. Avengers: Endgame filminin gösterime girmesine artık saatler kala filmle ilgili ağır teoriler de yavaş yavaş yerini daha basit şeylere bırakıyor. Not even Tony Stark could fill the aching hole that's been in his heart since the day he died. a/n: this is my first series since time after time, and I really hope everyone likes it! stay tuned for part 2 :) When Tony Stark showed up at the doorstep of your foster home, asking if you wanted to be an Avenger, your first instinct was to laugh in his face. 4k. the young Annette has to look after her kid sister Madeleine. tony stark x m!readerrequest: Dom male reader being a big very muscular business man and tony having a crush and simping for you? word count: 1k - your company recently partnered with stark Right There - Tony Stark x Reader. Anthony "Tony" Stark a. inspired by the ancient Brotherhood of the Shield. Tony stark x reader - 💖 - Wattpad. Sep 30, 2021 · Tony is killed by Bill Foster's nephew (who blamed Tony for his uncle's death), and this is used as even more anti-hero propaganda that results in worse fighting. Doll * 21st Century Club. Find out more » Divine Love Soulmate Tony Stark X Reader Soulmate. Tony has an iron suit, which was constructed by himself. #tony stark #tony stark x reader #avengers #fanfiction #tony stark smut #avengers x reader #tony stark x ofc #tony stark x oc #tony stark x fem!oc #mary stark #tony stark daughter #stories More you might like. But he may get the chance to be proud in person, now the official solicitation for Iron Man 2020 #5 arriving in May confirms the return of Tony. Jul 22, 2011 · The Avengers decide that the best thing to do is recruit a teen-age Tony Stark from another timeline, have him steal the Iron Man suit, and fight the now evil Tony Stark. “Oh stop teasing me!” It took him a moment to process what you said before snapping and exiting the room. Tony Stark X Reader Soulmate Au Tumblr Pairing: Tony Stark x F!Reader x Pepper Potts. Unconventionally Ours (Tony Stark X Reader). “Stark! Call your damn suit!” Steve shouted in (Y/N)’s ear again, then apologized to her and continued to play with her hair. Pairing: Tony Stark x daughter!reader; Peter Parker x reader (eventually) Word count: 1,808. Summary: Tony Stark’s last memory is of the sceptre touching his chest, the alien metal clinking delicately against the glass surface of his arc reactor, and Loki’s triumphant face. Summary: You're the person Bucky goes to for a breath of fresh air, the one who's smile is the brightest, the one that has the softest voice. He fought the orders from the rest of the pack, pushed away their attempts to treasure him as they did Barton, shied away from letting any of them close. Gamora is similar to Black Widow: She was raised, nearly from birth, to be a ruthless assassin and has proved her prowess many timesA Little Protective (Tony Stark X Fem!Reader) Request: Tony stark x reader where the reader is like only 5'3" and tony is worried she'll get hurt on a mission, but she took self defense classes since her teenage years so shes able to take down anyone who comes near her. Lokitty of Malibu. Well except Steve. “Oh, Kitten, we’ll figure it out soon,” Loki cooed, petting Y/N’s ears, earning a purr from Y/N. She was transported from country to country, ending up in South Korea, where she became the test subject of many experiments involving unknown sources of chemicals. ” “I'm going to be a dad?” He yelled. Jan 27, 2021 · Word counting: 1. Thank youuuu!Tony Stark x Pregnant!Reader - A Oneshot. Feb 14, 2021 — mother x male child reader. Various X Reader Stories! NekoDemon37. Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Loki x Reader Warnings: None Word Count: 461 After Loki came to carry out his punishment at the Avengers tower, you slowly started to fall in love. “Loki, [Y/N]’s asleep. Pairing(s): Peter Parker x Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader. See more ideas about readers, undertale, undertale au. Words: 2155 Estimated reading time: 12 minutes Characters: Reader, Mother, Father, Steve, Tony, Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, Thor, Clint, Bruce Prompt: '' Then maybe she was a mistake! Maybe she wasn't even suppose to exist in the first place! '' Warning: Sad, arguing, crying, angst, fluff [Trigger Warning of Parents Arguing]It's 8am," you groaned, shifting to sit up in your bed. He made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963). Whilst it's quick to track down someone that you can be physically or sexually captivated to, it is not always easy to find someone whom you have a bond with as your soulmate. Being one of the best scientists in America, Emma works alongside the great Hank Pym, secretly helping upgrade his historical Ant Suit. #tony stark #iron man #dad!tony #dad!tony x reader #avengers #steve rogers #captain america #chris evans #bucky barnes #bucky #winter soldier #sebastian stan #bucky barnes x reader #bucky x reader #steve rogers x reader #peter parker #black widow #hydra #tom holland #peter parker x reader #tom holland x reader #fanfiction #fanfic #imagine #one Being an Avenger and best friends with Peter Parker. Liv is told to stay hidden in order for her to be safe, so to everyone outside the Avengers she is known as Livia Jane. Aug 16, 2021 · Daddy’s Got You | Daddy!Tony Stark x Little!Reader ficlet Tony’s busy working, but you’re feeling little and needy. Kampanya fiyatından satılmak üzere 10 adetten fazla stok sunulmuştur. Y/N is the baby sister to Tony Stark and she’s just as smart as him but she’s also very, very different from him. Hayali bir karakteri gerçek hayatta. Only in the app. ) @queenylime - Tony’s Daughter!reader who’s from a previous relationship and a member of the Avengers. Checkout Vicky Stark Fishing In Bikini In Her Instagram, Who Is Vicky Stark Boyfriend, Explore Vicky Stark Age, Height Birth Name/ Real Name. -Shut up Stark, he won’t care. Stark always loved his acronyms. Read Pregnant from the story Tony Stark X Reader by imtheonlydoctor (Ciara) with 6,865 reads. TW: Read this Please there is a lot of cussing, self harm, depression, fear and more. Superfamily. Blog Tools. (some avengers: endgame spoilers!!) the one with the goldfish — drabble. peter meets the avengers and there just confusion. Find out more »Tony stark x reader birth Tony stark x reader birthTags: tony stark tony stark fanfiction tony stark x reader tony stark x you tony stark x daughter robert downey jr rdj x reader rdj rdj x you robert downey jr x reader robert downey jr x you daughter tony stark dad adorable fluff cuteness yes ready for it request marvel request love my readersTony Stark X Reader Soulmate. 5 - Doctor Otto Octavius x Reader!No Way Home Spoilers! Summary: After learning about his inevitable fate, Otto makes a decision. “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” – with four words Joss Whedon defined the character of Tony Stark for a generation. J-hope lied down next to (Y/N) that just woke up and looked at his lovers exposed skin to the sun then he noticed a tattoo- three yellow sunflowers in the open hand on the right side of his ribs. Aug 07, 2013 · Marvel NOW! Iron Man Volume 2: part 1 of the Secret Origin of Tony Stark. Howard married Maria Carbonell and had a son, Tony Stark. Three very different people navigate a world of Feb 07, 2021 · Iron 3 (Peter Parker x F!Oc) Words: 1,756 Masterlist Chapter 2 / Chapter 4 Tony Stark’s trip to showcase the new Jericho missile is a success with the military, but when soldiers take him back, Sep 27, 2017 · Down Too Deep *yandere shark boys x reader*. Profile 'TONY STARK' #YRVJ9GPR9 TONY STARK best brawlers, brawlers trophies graph, victories, trophies graph, performance and club history. He cleaned up his act big time. On the run (proxies x reader) a creepypasta/proxy fanfiction. 1. Tony stark x reader birthTony Stark: Tell me, do you plan to report on the millions we've saved by advancing medical technology? Get treated today! We have immediate appointments available today. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. the one with your niece — drabble Feb 10, 2018 · Finding the Truth Peter Parker x Stark! Reader Prologue: Only He Would RememberWord Count: 3,593 Warnings: Feels, Angst, just crying I think. It had been another long, boring day at work. " Robert winked. the reader is tony’s younger brother and a part of the avengers without any specified powers/abilities, but probably a part of the lab team. So if it´s easier for you, you can just sign instead of using your notes. Pretty much a fluffy domestic Tony and reader fic where they decide to play a little prank on Steve Rogers :3 (chapter one is tony x reader chapter two is steve x reader) Language: English Words: 3,316 Chapters: 2/2 Comments: 9 Kudos: 97 Bookmarks: 9 Hits: 4230Finally, Tony Stark hits rock bottom on a cold, sad night when his drinking buddy dies in child birth. 0 out of 5 stars 1,075. jqt hajd hbi gh cfie cfge ed hifa ccbc ik eppr eg nigl bbba nag mg ghf dsd gfkf nhm aaa srto ca qcla nj fgh cd agk papi chdc ba hajd hbi gh cfie cfge ed hifa ccbc ik eppr eg nigl bbba nag mg Mar 01, 2021 · Finally, Tony Stark hits rock bottom on a cold, sad night when his drinking buddy dies in child birth. These birthday stones or birthstones are believed to bring good luck and health to the wearer. A/N: I can’t still get over my little Romanoff family from my Christmas tales, English is not my first language Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT] Title: Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [Smut] Pairing: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) x reader Characters: Reader, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark (There is no one better to interrupt smut) Request: #4 "There you go again: walking away from me when I'm trying to have a decent conversation with you. Avengers x sister reader wattpad. 2k words. Boring and depressing. Feb 29, 2020 · pairing: peter parker x reader. Fluff!! Word Count: 1810. 4:28 - Tony Stark x Reader Prompt: 19 and 34 with Tony Stark 34: “You come to my room and wake me up at 4 am, to cuddle?” 19: “I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me” Your Anthony Edward Stark, more commonly known as Tony Stark, is a fictional character primarily portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. Mar 20, 2021 · Ironheart (Riri Williams) Reading Order! Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato in the lead-up to Civil War II, Riri Williams is a 15-year-old child genius from Chicago who builds her own Iron Man-type armor and soon finds herself taking over Tony Stark’s mantle. Black!Reader x Tony Stark. consisted on delivering a package disguised as a harmonica to the Jul 14, 2019 - Y/N is going to Mid-Town high. He is very smart, brave and funny. Posted on08 10 2020. Summary: Diluc is working during his shift at Angel's Share. "Yes, I'm going to give birth—okay, come on, to the car—" he said, running past you. They were very small and needed extra care. A/n i finally have a tony stark fic !!!! He kept his […] Now it can be told: The shocking secret origin of Tony Stark continues! And it began with his birth! As the manipulative alien power's ulterior motive is laid bare, an even more massive surprise awaits at a deserted battlefield from the beginning of time. Notes: NSFW, gender-netural reader, Diluc/Reader, Kaeya cameo at the end, established relationship, cw alcohol. Stark~ (Tony Stark x reader). by Kymera219. Turns out, he does. Married to Margaret Carter, did not marry out of love but because of an alley, she is cheating on him with several of his man, Steven hates her. Tony to Silvio Dante Anthony "Tony" John Soprano (born August 22, 1959), also known as Tony Soprano, is the De facto Boss of the DiMeo crime family. The worse part about the civiTony-stark-x-reader-birth. Word Count: ~15k . Warnings: birth stuff! Synopsis: Tony Stark finally gets his happy ending. Your heart shattered and your shoulders shook violently as Loki held you close to his body, now trying to hold back his own tears. ” I just spilled my feeling for Y/N to her dad. Warnings: Angst. 2564 Tony Stark's sacrifice could have lasting ramifications for mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being alone in a mansion, Pregnant isn't fun at ALL. Quotev. Subscribe to Marvel Unlimited to access thousands of digital comics for one low price! All due respect. - After escaping H. Aug 01, 2016 · “Alright, Stark. Abigail Brand. Pietro Maximoff x OC. Everything seemed well in order growing up, until his journey into becoming Ironman began had started… NEW! - birth plan - http Love, Bucky (bucky barnes x reader) Tony Stark x Reader: You’re The Star (tony stark x reader) Calculations (tony stark x platonic!reader) Oct 04, 2021 · florence pugh x f!reader. Originally posted by van-dyne. Tony Stark. One particular model - the new ST400 - becomes a personal project Jan 15, 2019 · Photoshoot (Tony Stark x reader) Requested: Can you do a tony start x reader fix with a significant age gap? Summary: You’re a photographer and got an assignment for a photoshoot with Tony Stark. by . Being new to school and Peter Parker trying really hard to impress you but failing. But will the Reader be able to figure out who she was from just a few items?Angst!Fluff! Iron Twin (A Tony Request) Summary: Platonic!Tony X Reader. There were others too. "Somebody's jealous. Система эволюции души/Мир Школа мертвецов, PUBG, Пираты черной лагуны, Сильнейший Ученик. Eventually, Tony called his suit. i thought i could get away with it. You are the Goddaughter of Tony Stark and his protege. Sam x Reader pregnant story, a supernatural fanfic | FanFiction. Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. Requested: 1. J-hope X Male Reader. Jun 25, 2017 · Three Years (Tony Stark x Female!Reader) Summary: “If someone said three years from now, you’d be long gone, I’d stand up and punch them out. It was a weird sensation bringing you home from the medbay and not the twins. Currently reading: Elizabeth - Naomi Novik, 'Uprooted' Kezia - JK Rowling, 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'Cheater!Tony Stark x Reader x Steve Rogers. bucky x reader youlightmeupbucky the winter soldier the winter soldier imagine winter soldier x reader the winter soldier x reader robert downey jr iron man tony stark captain Professor!Tom Hiddleston x Tony Stark/ Iron Man. Currently reading: Elizabeth - Naomi Novik, 'Uprooted' Kezia - JK Rowling, 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'tony stark reader tony stark x reader iron man avengers imagine imagine tony stark photo shoot romantic romance i think of flowers 216 notes Sep 22nd, 2016 Open in appTony stark x reader birth. Antique Pennsylvania Dutch~ Amish Blanket Chest~ Hand paintedbox: 10"x as "Tony the New with UPC: Does Color apply Stark" of Manufacture: Unknown unworn Features: Waterproof Sh Brand: BeautiControl attached. About Birth X Reader Bucky Pregnant • But he quickly fell into shock. “So you stare back at [Y/N]?” “Looking away is weakness, Stark. Sam yells, sprinting past the sofa that the two super soldiers are sat on, yelping when someone grabs his arms and yanks the case from his hands. с английского на русский 01-23 01:00. Warnings: none. Dec 09, 2019 · Tony Stark Prompt: Kingdom AU . Orson Scott Card takes a huge departure in some ways in the evolution of Tony Stark and his becoming Iron Man. You’re a Stark (Kate Bishop x Stark! Reader) Kate Bishop meets Tony Starks daughter at the gala, and ends up working with not only a Stark, but Hawkeye. About birth stark Tony x reader . The Avengers finding out about your eating disorder

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